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07 November 2006

Story Followup: Letters to God

After putting half of the letters to God he found floating in the Atlantic on eBay, Bill Lacovara has cancelled the auction. He says the letters will be forwarded to the daughter of dead Rev. Grady Cooper.

Twenty-five bidders pushed the price for the letters past the $500 mark.
He said he and his family have received many hostile letters and phone calls from people upset that the letters were put up for auction, and said it never was his intention to profit from them.

--Via Yahoo! News

Of course. No-one puts anything they got for free on eBay with the intention of profiting from the sale--what are these people thinking?

Still, I'm glad Mr. Lacovara got his head out in the end.

YouTube O' the Day

If a face could launch a thousand ships, Faith Hill could torpedo the fleet with the knot in hers.

Has she not noticed? we live in a video age. And as soon as you make a stupid remark, or do something so asinine you'll never live it down, or even if you act in an unaccountable noble and entirely human way, it's up on the 'net.

I suppose it's possible she didn't notice the camera trained on her. I suppose it's also possible I might pull a lightly-grilled weasel sandwich with mustard from my boxer shorts.

Is she so incapable of holding her temper in? Or did her mommy forget to teach her how to be a graceful loser?

Who cares! Like the song says: "That's Entertainment"!

Of course if content creators, broadcasters and their pet celebs had a little more dignity then it wouldn't be. Thank god there's always someone willing to throw a fit.


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