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04 October 2006

The Rot Has Clearly Set In

The recent surprise about anti-child-molestation crusader Mark Foley is good news.

(Republican--but Fox blames the whole thing on the Democrats, as you can see)

Why is a child-molester (and his personal panderer, Hastert) in the Republican ranks a good thing?

Because it suggests that perhaps the US is not rotting as a country. It was Republicans who spurred the torture-anyone-and-get-out-of-jail-free legislation passed last week. It is Republicans who have touted family values while hiding paedophilia. And while the Democrats also bathed in the polluted waters of Jack Abramoff, there's no question whose benefit he was working for.

It is the Republican party that has rotted. The Party of Lincoln has become a hollow black mockery of all that they once stood for:

Fiscal prudence went out the window with Dubya's tax cuts, followed by the cost of the Sideshow War.

Small government? This crew has added more personnel to the public troughload than any in since FDR's Alphabet Soup--and he created those deliberately to make work.

Limited international engagement? 'Nuff said.

The Republicans, unless they do something unprecedented like say, actually taking the blame and putting some heads on the chopping block as a sacrifice to propitiate the various unsavoury gods they serve, will feel the wrath of the Christians who mistakenly thought they were voting for a party that would do what Jesus, rather than Hitler, would do.

Of course, Rove has supposedly been planning an October surprise of his own:
Bush adviser Karl Rove reportedly informed conservative insiders that the GOP has an October Surprise prepared for the upcoming 2006 congressional elections, according to the conservative website NewsMax.[1] Former Sen. Gary Hart believes that one possibility is an attack on Iran' nuclear program, and possibly a broader attack aimed at regime change.

Presumably we have another "foiled terror attack" to look forward to? Or maybe Rove thinks that might look as suspcious as all the others.

Ironic that Gary Hart's name turned up in that quote, in light of the fact that as Dave Barry put it, he made this choice:

"I can be leader of the free world, or I can have a naked woman sit on my lap."

At least Donna Rice was an adult.

Foley is blaming his conduct on being molested by a priest when he was a boy, which only makes him a greater bastard, as a victimizing victim, than he already was, as a member of the House Committee on Missing and Exploited Children.

He has (as per usual for politicos when cornered) run for alcohol rehab. The Republicans may hate "short-eyes", but they love "reformed" alkies and cokeheads.

Presumably these recruiting practices are related to their style-over-substance behaviour in the moral arena.


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