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17 August 2006

An Infinite Number of Co-Incidences Add Up To ...

What, exactly?

As the warning in this report states, beware what they call the "tautological" fallacy (actually it's the concurrence fallacy, or possibly the post hoc propter hoc): Just 'cause X and Y happen at the same time doesn't mean X caused Y.

From YouTube via Maribel:

Is there anything to this? The conclusion is left as an exercise for the Avid Fan. But when you hear hoofbeats, you expect horses, not zebras.

It looks increasingly like the Bush administration is no longer able to hide the fact that they're using The War Against Terror to manipulate people. I'm not a conspiracy nut. But I do believe that playing with "terror alerts" is an easy way to distract the public. Especially when your six years in power have been for the most part an unmitigated disaster in all arenas.

What would really confirm it for me would be another alert, or maybe an actual terror "success", happening soon to stop people from saying this sort of thing.

I'm sure they've noticed legislation isn't working.


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