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26 July 2006

I Promised

I won't blog on Israel and Lebanon and I intend to keep that promise.

Even though it's so damn tempting to point out that it's kinda suspicious when a UN observation post was hit 29 times "accidentally" by an army that can't seem to spot legitimate targets with any reliability. I refer you to previous posts here and also here.

Instead today I shall consider spam--not the friendly tinned meat, rather the sort you delete with an irritated internal sigh from your inbox.

Today, I have a question: has ANYONE, ANYWHERE ever actually sold a box of p3nis XtenSion p!lls, Vjiaggraa, or a stock offering through bombarding the inboxes of the world with this $#!7 ?

I bet it's just one really, really under-endowed elderly millionaire who's encouraging them.

Here's how to stop spam for good--every time we waste two seconds deleting a spam message, the appropriate sender's server should be billed for that time at minimum wage rates, say 6$ Canadian per hour or about 0.16ยข per second. It's not much.

But that's the power of the internet. With 2 billion users at one message per day that's $6,400,000. Over a million servers that's $6.40 each per day. Also not much.

But: I get better than forty messages per day at different accounts. How about you?

If we assume an average of five messages per person per day at two seconds per deletion, each server is paying $32 a day to send out spam for various "businesses". How long do you think it'll take a telecoms business to pass that cost on to the customer?

So all these spam senders would suddenly have to bear the cost of the estimated 20 billion seconds wasted daily by having to delete and block various spam messages. How long before they all went belly-up? Hell, most of these operations are total ripoffs and aren't actually selling anything anyway.

Although if you got the one with the subject line "M3tr0's sex s3cret--she'll l0ve u long-tyme!!!", you should really buy in.

It's only $19.95!!!


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