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25 July 2006


Once again the IDF makes a note to revamp its eyesight testing.

In addition to donkeys, children, and old ladies, they can now chalk up victory over a UN observation post, and over the rescue team that came to dig the observers out. They'd hunkered down after being shelled 14 times.

Scorecard: Up to 100 terrorists killed. Civillian casualties roughly 300.

For a little perspective on how out of line this is, how indiscriminate and murderous, consider this: In World War II military casualties were roughly 25 million. Civillian casualties roughly 30 million.

If the Axis powers and the allies had proved as uncaring in their choice of targets as the Israeli Defence Force, it would have cost 45 million additional lives.

Hizbullah has apparently fired over a thousand rockets into Israel, murdering innocent victims too. But Israeli deaths in combat are twice the number of civillians. Considering that Hizbullah prefers to target civillians, how come the Israelis are so much better at hitting them?

This war was wrong from the get-go, and it doesn't get any righter as time goes by. And the silence from the Prime Minister continues.

And yeah, I know I'm hammering this topic into the ground. Sorry if my anger at this senseless waste of Israeli, Palestinian, and Lebanese lives bores you.


At 1:04 a.m., Blogger a h m a d said...

I am wondering, could targeting the UN observers in Southern Lebanon be a message to Kofi Anan to keep his mouth shut?


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