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13 September 2009

Why Ask Why?

Over at the theoretically-leftish Toronto Star, an editorial asks the question: What's the reason for an election?
The question is: why an election now, other than that it would save the Liberals and the others from the embarrassment of having to continue "propping up" the Conservative government
Now personally, I feel that that question answers itself. However, Randall Denley at the usually-rightish Ottawa Citizen expresses it better in an editorial entitled "Ignatieff has nothing to lose if the writ drops" (subtitled "And neither do we, so bring it on"):
Ignatieff's decision to push for an election now is being portrayed as odd or inappropriate, but it's neither if one considers it from his perspective. Simply put, all the alternatives are worse.

Minority government is tough for the party in power, but it's just as bad for the opposition. It's pretty lame for an opposition leader to condemn the government and then vote for its policies to avoid triggering an election, but that's Ignatieff's other choice.
But it doesn't end there:
As he tries to show why an election is needed, Ignatieff has found an unlikely ally in Harper. Harper gave us a clue as to the breadth of his vision for the country when he reminded Canadians that an election now could deprive them of the cheques they have been counting on from his home-renovation program. There is no real chance that the Liberals will cancel this witless crowd-pleaser, but it tells us where Harper thinks our interests are. Canadians, in his view, can't see beyond the flaps of their wallets.
Yup, that sums it up nicely. Harper believes we're so venial and myopic that we're willing to sit still for the dismantling of our nation in return for a mess of pottage.

And while I personally quite like pottage, I prefer an election.

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At 3:24 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

An election is worth having if it will save the country - but what if harper wins?

There is a gift for you over on my blog (Tuesday Tune).

At 9:10 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

My feeling on a possible Harper majority is that a) it is in fact the worst that could happen, b) it would at least give the country a certain dreadful, dreary stability, and c) after five years of a Conservative majority, the voters will doubtless shred them into irrelevance and despatch them to their usual decade in the wilderness with more than usual enthusiasm.

At 7:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


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