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20 August 2009

Stupid Liberal* Tricks

Premier Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals* (who are conservatives) have just announced that, for some reason, they've lost $2 bn in revenue that they projected we'd have since June. Extrapolated to the end of the year, that suggests that their financial projections--the ones they fought the election on (you remember--the election which included the promise of no new taxes?)--are off by about $6 billion.

Or in short, Gordo is a lying ©µת+. An utter bastard. A worthless political skin stuffed with $#!7, piss, and corruption.

Anyone who was watching the election (that is to say, roughly 12% of the people who actually bothered showing up) knew that both the BC Liberals(wac) and the NDP were using maximum-rose coloured glasses for their projections. Carole James and the NDP missed their big chance to say "I told you so" by accepting the government's goddam lies figures wholesale. Which was convienient, as the NDP promised a bundle of goodies they couldn't pay for in the first place, PLUS they promised to do away with our carbon tax on gasoline.

But the cynicism of outright lying on the major points of one's platform is breathtaking.

I'm sick to death of this cynicism and corruption. Voters need to goddam well engage. From now on, anyone who complains about taxes with receive a withering "And who did YOU vote for?" from me.

Persons answering that they didn't vote, or meant to but missed the bus, or had a podiatrist appointment, or similar, will be beaten vigorously about the head and neck with a bottle filled with slips of paper on which shall be written all the campaign promises made and broken by the Campbell government.

It'll probably have to be a gallon bottle. Never mind--I'm going to have to drink at least that much to ignore how badly these @$$#013s are screwing this province.

We were already swirling around the bowl before Gordo's Commandos gave the chain an extra yank. Here's to the next decade of defecit spending as we try to cover the shortcomings of another uselss pack of "greed-is-great" mongrels.

*The BC Liberals--Because when you behave like a pack of federal Conservatives, it's just a name, and means no more than their promises.

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At 3:33 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Metro-Man;

A couple questions for you:

What about those 677 senior citizens in Langley who are getting their social centre shut down for a measly $84K in savings to BC Health Services?

How does a douchebag like Kevin Falcon get to be the Minister of Health?

Do you ever wonder why Gordon Campbell's entourage includes a bunch of bodyguards — each of whom probably make enough to fund the Langley Centre?

When the world tilts, as a learned man once told me, all the nuts roll into BC.


At 4:57 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here I thought California was the land of fruits and nuts.

At 9:49 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:34 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

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