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14 July 2009

More Conservative Economic Genius

Not content with having deliberately and with malicious, venial, stupidity aforethought spiked the Canadian nuclear medicine industry, increased wait times four-fold or so, and bankrupted the country unto at least 2014, my Conservative government decided to announce yet another delightful "What-the-₤µ©λ-are-you-playing-at-you-@$$#013s?" moment this week.

Because once you've done such a wonderful number on the economy already, why not top the $#17 sundae with a rancid cherry and kneecap the tourist industry?

Tourism is a huge part of Canada's economy. People like to come and see things like pristine lakes, airy mountains, and green trees, often because many of these people come from places where such are in short supply, often due to a history of short-sighted, near-criminal, cripplingly stupid and often conservative governments; Like ours.

So during a recession, when the industry has already taken a number of kicks to the collective crotch (new US passport requirements, "staycations", et al.), the smart thing to do is:

A) Demote a minister who funded a gay pride parade for $400K (in complete accordance with her mandate and economic sense) which contributes million$ to the Greater Toronto Area.

B) Introduce new, more stringent travel requirements such as, oh I dunno, how 'bout a visa requirment for Czechs and Mexicans? Preferably without prior notice, so that no-one can prepare for the new rules.

If you're an idiot, and a Conservative Party Minister (but I repeat myself), you do both.

The article says that Mexico was the number-one refugee claimant nation. But if Mr. Harper hadn't chosen to allow staffing levels to fall through attrition, or at least had hired replacement workers on a one-for-one basis, at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the backlog wouldn't have been a problem.

Besides, the Cons ₤µ©λed over ALL immigrants a year or two back by rewriting the rules so that if your claim simply doesn't make it off the pile, you have to go to the foot of the queue and start again.

(Unless you're a doctor. Then we'll poach you from some third-world hellhole that desperately needs you, and put you to work in the grossly understaffed world of public transportation at minimum wage, but hey--You'll be living in the greatest ... Well, the secon- ... Um ... Hang on a mo' ... the, ah yes, seventeeth greatest country in the world!)

The changes also made it possible to jump the queue. Whatever the faults of the old system, it was at least fair. But of course "fairness" is one of those words the Conservative party has to grab a dictionary on hearing, along with "compassion" and "empathy".

There is really nothing more to say than "When the hell are you going to pull the ₤µ©λing trigger Mr. Ignatieff? Would tomorrow work for you? 'Cos I'm busy today, but I could spare the time to vote these turkeys off while I wait for my local hospital to scrounge up some isotopes so I can rejoin the wait list for a test or two.

We are living under the single stupidest, single worst, uniquely damaging government of Canada in the history of the country. Only Mulroney could ever have claimed to have ₤µ©λed us over more and worse. And he was a Conservative too.

Co-incidence? I think not.

I hate these clowns and their bankrupt pathalogy of an ideology more every day. I hope Harper ends his days in a refrigerator box. Or possibly as a 230-lb Native inmate's prison bitch.

Is there one thing, a single thing, ANYthing, they've managed to do right?

Note for Conservative Party members and other humour-challenged persons. I don't REALLY want Harper to end his days in an appliance box, nor as a big-ass prison inmate's girlfriend (unless he wants to be--Prison can apparently do that to some guys, and I think there's a good chance he and Muldoon might end up there). A simple slow fade into the ignominy he deserves and the designation of "Worst. PM. Thus. Far" will suffice (I'd say "Worst. PM. Evar", but the unfortunate possibility that another Conservative government might get in before he dies still exists, however remote).

This is what Liberals and other thinking types call "hyperbole". Do feel free to look it up, won't you?

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At 3:51 p.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

When I heard about these new visa requirements this morning, I thought "gee, way to pull something out of your ass at the last minute." WTF? this messes up shit for all kinds of people. It also smacks of racial profiling. Also, what about the Mexicans and NAFTA? Also, I see the Czechs have recalled their ambassador and are asking the EU to impose similar restrictions across the EU on Canadians - so we f*cked in the ass, too.

God! It's just never-ending!

At 10:11 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

The Conservative look hideous on race. What's the main difference between all those poor folks we've been ignoring in foreign jails or in diplomatic limbo, and Brenda Martin, whom the Conservatives fought the Mexican government to bring home despite clear evidence that she had at least some knowledge that her boss was comitting fraud?

Abousfian Abdelrazik: The Cons fought to keep him out using shakier and shakier excuses until overruled by a judge who actually knows what the Charter of Rights means. Brown, funny name.

Mahar Arar: Admittedly not the Cons' fault initially, but they fought to keep him out anyway. Brown-ish, funny name.

Hagi Mohamud:(her passport was confiscated by Kenyan authorities as she tried to leave the country)Whose fingerprints were offered as proof of her ID and refused. Brown, funny name.

Brenda Martin: Canadian taxpayers paid $82k to free her and fly her home, where she spent just under two years in prison. Convicted of fraud, record of fraud and impaired driving. But white with an English moniker.

At 10:14 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

True, very true.

At 10:15 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

And let's not forget Omar Khadr.

At 8:29 a.m., Anonymous Real estate blog said...

So true. The new visa policy is ridiculous and does seem quite racist. Yes, Mexico and Czech republic were the biggest sources of refugee claimants in Canada, but still. This step will probably mean decreasing number of tourists visiting Canada and therefore less money. Does the government really want that? Regards, Elli.


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