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23 July 2009

Like Shooting Gefilte Fish

From one of those rags I don't normally read comes this gem:
Three city mayors, two state politicians and five rabbis were among 44 people arrested across New Jersey today when federal agents cracked an alleged Sopranos-style crime ring accused of bribery, money laundering and trafficking body parts and counterfeit handbags.
I just knew I shouldn't have bought that handbag made of human skin, but it was so smooth and silky ... And oy such a deal!

From the CBC:
Much stricter controls are needed over the use of Taser stun guns by police in B.C., former judge Thomas Braidwood says in the first phase of findings from his inquiry into stun guns.
I would just like to say to Justice Braidwood: Bravo. And also WELL DUH

On CTV we learn that Canadian versions of internationally branded foods tend to be higher, sometimes much higher, in salt:
A serving of Burger King onion rings has 1,500 milligrams of sodium per serving -- more than 100 per cent of the daily recommended intake. A serving of BK onion rings in the UK has just 500 mg -- even though the serving size in the UK is about 30 per cent larger.
Canada, meanwhile, has some of the highest levels of sodium in our packaged and chain restaurant foods, which might explain why the country has such high rates of high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease.
We're just trying to convince the cannibals to leave us alone. They hate salty food too.

There's a massive, beautiful thunder-and-lightning storm outside my window right now. The noise rumbles through the ground like an earthquake. My lights are flickering as the lightning flashes. I hope the rain does the firefighters some good. The big fire in Fintry got worse yesterday.

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At 11:54 p.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Salve, Magister Metrovi

Mrs Eagle is in Calgary on her way to Waterston National Park & later CrossRiver Wilderness Centre

Surely, high pSalt levels ensure Tree OktoPodia (anxious about their high blood=pressure) in a preference for over-Blubbered American Tourists instead of pSalty Canadian-locals

Is it true that Tree OktoPodia blood is coloured Blue ?


Aquila Non Candida

wv hammeo

At 7:36 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

@G Eagle
Really? Should the Mrs. Lovely-Eagle care to spend some time in our area, she must let us know.

Tree octopods, alas, have far greater concerns. Recent destruction by pine beetles (in Aeglish, "poine=beakles") of forest habitat means that they spend far more time worrying about their shrinking territory, which of course engenders the high blood pressure you referenced.

At 5:13 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I wonder how much sodium the US versions of the food has. More than Canada, or less?

At 10:00 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

From the article it looks like less:

"Kellogg's All Bran, for instance, contains 0.65g of salt per 100g in the United States, and about 1.13g of salt per 100g in the United Kingdom. But in Canada, it contains 2.15g of salt per 100g in Canada."

But I don't know if that's an overgeneralization.


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