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20 July 2009

It's Been Quiet

Parliament's out of session so there's not much to rant and rave about, really. Bad copyright legislation coming down the pipe, perhaps a fall election (that'd be nice, although a July election would be nicer).

So I've been working on a few things around the house, trying to make a mint at poker, and playing Desktop Tower Defence excessively. I finally broke 9,000 points today. I did it once some months ago, and have been trying to repeat the acheivement.

So I feel good. Hope you do too.

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At 4:15 a.m., Blogger Silverstar said...

Are you back home from the evacuation then?

At 7:21 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Um ... Evacuation? Us? Nope. A few friends had to leave, but most of them are back now.


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