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29 May 2009

A Nerve-shredding Thought Occurs

In the post below I stated that the Harperites (why dignify them by calling them "Conservatives"?) believed government should be run like a business.

And that's the problem. Have you seen the way business behaves?

Harper's watching the CEOs of Goldmann-Sachs (golden sacks) and the other corporate welfare recipients, and wondering "How do I get MINE?"

He's clearly got the idea that if he bankrupts the company--I mean the country--he'll then be in line for a bailout and a bonus.

Naturally, that too will land on the taxpayer's shoulders. Reminds me of a song dedicated to the predatory practices of the banking industry:

That was from the US bank Capital One--My once and former credit card provider.

However, we do have the Canadian equivalent:

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At 4:50 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Capital One asks "What's in your wallet?", my answer is definitely not Capital One. They managed to raise a $200 limit credit card to $1100 with all their damned fees.

Taxes hurt, but not as much as not having any semblance of healthcare.

At 2:44 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Oh, I'm not knocking taxes. The Canadian medical system saved my life. Given the limitations of private healthcare, I could have had the condition (a blocked, swollen, damn-near-ready-to-pop kidney) determined by autopsy. Because it was purest luck that a doctor happened to catch it at exactly the right time to correctly diagnose it.

My sole objection to taxes right now is that the incompetent gang of criminals, free-marketeers, and thugs we have in Ottawa draw their salaries from them, and have managed to burden me with an additional slice of debt the country could well have done without, and with prudent action and forethought might have avoided.


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