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01 April 2009

Iraq war 'diversion' from Afghanistan: Harper

Yes indeed, sir.

And sir, had you been Prime Minister in 2003, how many people would we have in Iraq fighting that particular "diversion"? And how many would have died?

Here's what you said at the time that "diversion" began to get rolling--or rather, what John Howard said. I presume you were both faxed the same speech from Mr. Bush's office?

Never mind sir, we know you supported the war in your own words. You're on record in numerous places and at numerous times denouncing the Liberal government of the day for failing to stand by our American allies by invading a nation that hadn't done anything to deserve invasion. North Korea and Iran were a bigger threat--though no bigger than China (Oh, but Conservatives like China. It's where the shiny $#17 in Wal-Mart comes from).

Politics doesn't make me bitter and twisted. Politicians do. And Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are unquestionably some of the worst of the lot. Judas goats without moral compass, every rotten mother's child of 'em.

I'll bet he still considers global warming "a socialist plot."

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At 11:24 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to get out of Afghanistan, too. I think Obama is making a mistake "surging" there. I just want all the troops home, and to be able to buy socks that weren't made in China.


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