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24 February 2009

Those Hilarious Racist @$$#013s

From the CBC's "Citizen Bytes" page, an account of a conversation with an Austrian cab-driver in Toronto, entitled "On Being Mistaken ..." well I'll let you read the punchline at the site. Here's a snippet:
I proceeded to explore the notion of Toronto being over-run by visible minorities with my Austrian cab driver. "The problem," he maintains, "is that all these immigrants and refugees come from third world countries and they don't like whites. They don't do business with whites, they don't speak our language (remember, he's Austrian), and they bring their ways with them."

At this point I offered the man an out, suggesting, "Do you think the government needs to play a bigger role in helping integrate new immigrants into the social fabric of Canada (whatever that might be) or matching their immigration policy to niche requirements in Canada to avoid these clashes?"

He cut me off to say, "Absolutely not. There's no need for any of that nonsense when you have perfectly good white people in Eastern Europe waiting to come to Canada who already share the same culture."
My take: Send those bloody Austrians back where they came from!

Coming over here, stealing our governorships ... mutter, mutter, grumble ...

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At 3:58 p.m., Blogger Philipa said...

Well he has kinda got a point. What I mean is that french, italian and serbian christians can integrate seamlessly into Britain. They can change the name Pirotti to Pearson, Nikoli to Nick and Jacques to Jack and no one knows the difference within a generation. As they have in common a culture based on christianity, as ours is, we generally live the same way. They embrace our culture. Not so with Pakistani muslims for example. People who would not integrate; not want their sons to marry white girls, not eat the same meat even in hospital. People who like our country but not it's government, laws and people.

Oops gotta go - I'm giving up bloging for lent.

How very English :-)

At 12:04 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq unlestor said...

mmm ,,,, hilarious racism ???

.... and non-hilarious anti-racists ???

and over all this is arising the Menace of Mass UnEmployment, which will change many attitudes

wv = nitic

Is this Serbo-Croat

At 11:04 a.m., Blogger Metro said...


Before we begin, I'd like to be very clear here: I like and respect you, but I disagree violently with your comment. It's wrong on a multitude of levels.

Let's begin with "He has a point." Because he doesn't. He claims a certain subset of cultural values are needful and desirable in immigrants, then bundles it under the title "white European." You add the title "Christian".

So black African baptists, Korean Catholics, and Brazillian Jews are out, then, under the Austrian definition.

But even if we just confined it to "Christian", that's not right either--Look at the resistance to immigration under the EEC--the worries about being polluted by "Eyties and Froggies"--good Christians all.

Your own description insists on "seamless integration"--so the immigrants must be able to submerge beneath the dominant culture without a ripple? Is that the standard we're going to use?

Merging seamlessly lets out the Irish, certainly (And all those weird names. Couldn't they just anglicize "Sean" to "John"? Don't even get me started on the Welsh).

Yet I'd bet there are families called Nikoli and Jacques that never changed their names, but have been living in Britain for generations. How to account for their success?

There are also lots of Singhs and Al-Ameers who have been English for longer than you have.

You're basing one of your objections to immigration on the fact that they won't eat strange food? When was the last time you sat down to a nice plate of tripe? Faggots and gravy? Minced collops? Sheep's head? And those are traditional English dishes! Or do you mean Big Macs? I know lots of white Christian types who won't eat those.

You've just shut down the Chinese and Japanese, and the Indians too. Not to mention a number of damn fine restaurants--I particularly reccomend Nazrul (so good they built a second one on the next block) near Brick Lane.

"[Do]not want their sons to marry white girls?" Really? And should I do a quick comparison to the number of fathers who'd disown their daughters for attempting such a marriage? What about Proddies who still have apoplectic fits if their sons make eyes at the Papist schoolgirls?

"People who like our country but not it's government, laws and people." Like you? I've read your blog, and you've had scathing words for all of the above.

Like the NP?

No-one's really suggesting that the country (yours or mine) should adopt sharia law--except a few Imams, who can and should be ignored. Oh, and the head of the national Christian church--with whom you share a common heritage.

Philipa, I can't believe you really think this racist foreigner with the funny accent has a point.

Is it not enough for immigrants to obey the law of the land and live quietly and peaceably with the neighbours?

And for the neighbours to live peaceably with them?

@g eagle:
My wv = "choute"
French, perhaps?


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