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24 February 2009

Somewhere Out There is a Tripe-Head With a Sense of Humour

Someone subscribed Metro to the American Family Association and Onenewsnow email newsletters.

The AFA is the pearl-clutching, pants-wetting bunch who are terrified that Pepsi is "promoting" teh gay. They're so afraid of the word "gay" that a while back a headline referring to track athlete Tyson Gay was autocorrected to read "Homosexual Eases into 100 Final ..."

Onenewsnow (portending some rather better news later, one assumes) is their mouthpiece, self-described as a "Conservative" news agency. However, in this context "Conservative" is spelt "Christian."

I also got a personal begging letter from Donald Wildmon, the crazy man who leads the AFA.

It's a shame they aren't paper publications instead of electro-spam. When it comes to toilet roll I prefer to cut out the middleperson.

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