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04 December 2008

Sick. Just Bloody Sick.

I happen to be a monarchist. And as such, I like having the office of the Governor-General. It is in fact necessary for proper separation of powers under our form of government.

So I am at a loss to explain Ms. Jean's accession to Harper's stiff-arming the country into January before he acts on anything at all.

Harper has no mandate to govern, much less in the confrontational style he's been doing. He invited a vote of confidence and lost, and he damn well knows it.

The circumstances are dire, willing leaders are at hand, and yet the Governor general chose to help the PM circumvent Parliamentary procedure?

I'm fairly sure the GG's mandate must have something in it about acting for the good of the nation, no?

Read more here, if you can stand to. Link stolen from the Canadian Cynic, whose sentiment disagrees with mine only in the strength of expression.

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At 2:41 p.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

The one time someone like this has a bit of power and she blew it.

At 2:56 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Oh, they always have power. In theory the GG could suspend Parliament herself and reing in the name of the monarch. Of course, that'd pretty much require that all of Parliament simultaneously commit treason.

Not just Harper, for example.

At 1:21 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq latkeety & fakshu said...

Merhaba, EFfendi Metro

ScHocking ....SchPluttering

Who appoints your G-G ?

Is it the Queen who has to take the advice of the current Prime Minister ?

Peut=estre un Rooinek is not best-placed to be over-critical

After all, we have a Metropolitan Police which :

* (perhaps with unclear Government connivance) arrests an Opposition MP and sans warrant confiscates his Parliamentary papers regardless of legal provisions against this (that Great Humanitarian Mr Mugabe can only watch from afar with admiration)

* can't be a.s.d to get off their butts and carry out any investigation into a Gang of Louts threatening a Young Man (despite daily reminders for weeks from the wRetch's Young Lady), until he is murdered by a Juvenile secure in the knowledge that his life is not at risk and (judging by the lamentable Police conduct) he must have been surprised that any serious investigation of the Murder could be expected

* pumps divers & multitudinous bullets into an unarmed & unthreatening Young Man, immediately tells a Pack of Lies about it, has a Chief Commissioner who sees no reason why he should resign --- it is only until months later (or is it years) that he is effectively sacked on the basis of a hyper-generous Golden-Goodbye package

.... and the Coroner cannot see how the Evidence could conceivably be regarded as leading any reasonably Jury-Man or (in these enLightened times) Woman to a Verdict of unLawful killing

However, Monsieur Metro, I must confess to having expected better things of you & your fellow-Canadians

In 1867, we Brits graciously put you Canadians in charge of your own Country ... and this was a time when the Brits did not have charge of their own Country (with so many Men and all the Ladies not having the Vote)

... und was ist das OutCome

Vous avez perdu le vestre Parliament until next Year

What do you mean ...."LOST" .....


L'Aigle Gris

PS Do you have any News of Senor FFE

PPS Has your Word Verifier been taken over by Eskimo speakers

At 1:28 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq unlestor said...

I dinnae ken whence arose the "amp;"

But the Eskimos have now programmed "unlestor" into the Word Verifier

Is this an attempt to suggest some relationship between Eskimo and Latin

Very puzzling

RainCoaster for G-G

At 9:54 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

@G eagle
As I'm sure you know, there is a suggestion that the GG accept the PM's reccomendation in these matters, which she has done.

However, I and some large proportion of the Canadian public feel that this is not in the interests of "peace, order, and good government."

I've read very little of the MP arrest business, but it sounds utterly without reason.

We have the same sort of wrongful shootings problem as you do, coupled with the gross horror that is the "non-lethal" taser. Ditto golden parachutes.

You know, I'm just about in the mood to go looking for some likely lad with an old sword and a maple-leaf-shaped birthmark and suggesting we place the Land under a Descendant of the Great King ... Well I'll make up a Canadian Kingy-sounding name when I find the birthmark.

"Unlestor"? Unglaublich!

My own WV is "theryme".

Presumably the next will be "ancientmarin'r".


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