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19 December 2008

K/S Fiction!

No, no, not what you're thinking at all probably.

K/S is shorthand for my thinking about Prime Minister Harper. It's short for "Kidney Stone." Like a kidney stone, Harper causes a great deal of discomfort, and like a kidney stone there's little one can do except hope he passes quickly and without doing too much damage.

Well? It's a little more polite than my earlier idea: "Prime Minister Clap."

Here's the fiction part. Stephen Harper was firm on the possibility of a Canadian defecit, during the last election. We wouldn't have one. Remember, this election happened just a few short weeks ago.

But the voters of Canada are apparently so cowed, stupid, unenthusiastic, or simply short-of-memory, that he feels he can now come out to say:
"The government of Canada today is not planning a deficit. But if the government of Canada decides . . . that we do have to engage in fiscal stimulus, that government spending is essential not just to shore up economic activity but investment markets, that would be the occasion we would go into what would be called a cyclic or a short-term deficit."
- Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Nov. 23)
Mealy-mouthed bastard.

This "economist" hasn't got a shred of credibility left on his economics expertise. And since his social-policy stance is in direct contravention of compassion, reality, and common sense, and as his governing style in a minority position is unbelievably autocratic and confrontational, it would be best if we drank a $#17load of cranberry juice and flushed the bugger out as soon as possible.

He's spent our surplus, wasted an opportunity to fine-tune us into a small-defecit economic stimulus package ... and watch--When and if he cuts, d'you think the first thing will be Parliamentary salaries? Oh my achin' back!

Watch carefully as the Harperites cut social programs, privatize health-care functions, and shut down more government services, all the while pretending it's "necessary."

Maybe Harper should have a better nickname than Prime Minister Kidney Stone. He ends conversation, you have to watch what he's trying to slip by you extremely carefully, you know someone's about to get £µ©λed, and the sooner he's out of your system, the better it'll be for you.

Prime minister Roofies, maybe?

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