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03 November 2008

Waiting ...

Tomorrow it happens. The election the world has awaited for eight years. The end of the Bush regime of corruption, greed, contempt for international law and the rights of humankind, criminal collusion, the shredding of the most admired founding document of any country on earth ...

Tomorrow history will be made as a black man with a "foreign" last name, a nominally Arabic middle name, and a "weird" first name is elected president of a once-proud nation.

Tomorrow the United States of America returns to its roots and rises above fear, hate, and prejudice to put at its head a man whose birthright would once have made him ineligible for anything but a life of bondage and servitude.

It's a small step, but a momentous one. And the whole world will celebrate it.

I'm glad I will have been here to see it.

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