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31 October 2008

The Unintentional Joke #1

I was reading up on the notorious Sydney Mutilator, a gay, schizophrenic man named Allan Ginsberg (how about that for a co-incidence?), AKA Allan Brennan, AKA William MacDonald.

MacDonald used to troll bars that catered to down-and-outs and the gay singles, who were treated in much the same fashion at the time. After his second murder, saith
Undercover police disguised as vagrants mixed with the down-and-outs of the many wine bars and hotels that catered for that type of clientele. It all proved fruitless.
Obviously they weren't convincing enough ...

MacDonald actually reads as a rather sad case--not simply a crazed killer, but actually insane and unable to cope with the world.

In a not-unrelated development, one of the salespeople came through here a minute ago and said: "I'm selling my butt off today."

I asked him if that meant there was a discount. He didn't seem to get it. Our salespeople really need to be looked after by kind people. They seem to alternate between Pollyanna-like sunshiney grinning personality and pure deep dark moping.

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