A one-time school project gone terribly, terribly wrong.

22 October 2008


You know "meta"--when we talk ABOUT the thing while talking about the thing? This is a post like that:

Picture Metro and Mme in bed ...

Not like THAT, you pervert! At least I hope you're a pervert. I mean, this blog is hopefully a pernicious influence and corrupter of the young, so you should certainly keep your kids and the uninformed away, eh?

Anyway, there we were in bed, doing what folks usually do in bed ... Reading--what do you think most folks get up to most of the time?

At some point a discussion started, I don't recall about what exactly--I think it was about Mme's reccurent criticism of my allegedly faulty memory (Disclaimer follows as required by Mme Metro). But I could be wrong about that.

Anyway, I said something that got her laughing. Followed by:

He: And the sad thing is, you're thinking about blogging this, aren't you?

She: Looks into my eyes and dissolves into uncontrollable giggling.

He: And the really sad thing is, I'm thinking about blogging that!

And now I have. So I have now blogged about Mme and I speculating about Mme blogging.

Well I had to post something, yeah?

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