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10 October 2008

If the World Could Vote

If only.

From the Economist: The Global Electoral College.

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At 10:38 a.m., Blogger Pugs said...

Ugh, The only reason why the world wants Obama is that he would be easier to control and manipulate.

At 4:53 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Do you actually believe that?

If, by "control and manipulate" you mean "talk to" then there's no question you're right.

Ditto if you mean "hold an actual conversation with" or indeed "hold negotiations into delicate stuff that required more than pure belligerence with."

Seriously Pugs, why are you so scared of this guy? I mean, assuming you're not some inbred racist (and I'm reasonably sure you're not), why would you or any other voter consider the McCain Palin campaign a viable alternate?

You're smart enough, I'm sure to be well past the "secret Muslim," "he hangs with 'terrorists',"and "his preacher hates America" bullshit.

So what, already? Why would you pick four more years of Republican failure?

Or why do you think McCain might help make the US successful by continuing the failure of the past eight years?

I really don't understand where you're coming from on this. There's the rational choice, and then there's McCain/Palin.

How can you listen to the crap spewing from the M-P campaign and not think "Hey, that sounds like a desperate campaign that's clean out of ideas"?

What is it that frightens you so much about Barack Obama?

At 11:41 a.m., Blogger Pugs said...

Like Obama's pick was all that smart either:

I'd rather have a VP that can count than one who is lost in that respect.

Obama is a puppet. You'r not actually getting Obama when you vote for him, you're getting his advisors. Why is that you ask? Because the guy is so green he can't make a decision for himself and most importantly is afraid to. He also says the same rehearsed shit over and over. Watching the dabate last night on 5, count them 5!, separate ocassions I predicted what he was going to say. Feed me some other bullshit please because what he's handing out is getting stale.

As for the people who try and bully others by throwing the race card at them when they disagree with voting for Obama I say "Suck it!" morons. Me not voting for BHO does not make me a racist. I thought I was allowed to make my own decision; I must have been mistaken. There's nothing more horrid than a desperate twit trying to guilt someone into voting for another person. These same assholes have no problem when it comes to making fun of Palin's Downs Syndrome baby, though. Now THAT is pathetic. So is calling someone an "inbred racist" because they have just as much passion for their candidate. I'm kinda shocked you would stoop that low Metro, You're usually pretty level headed in that kind of thing.

I thought Obama supporters were all about change? This is what I would have expected 4 years ago and 8 years ago. No change there. (BTW, I am a minority as well, not that that justifies anything but hey, I would be stupid hating on another segment of race when I in turn am part of a minority as well.)

The last I knew the Democrats were in charge a large percentage of that time (past 8 years), am I wrong? Everyone in that House of Reps and the Senate is to blame JUST AS MUCH as Bush. That's why there is a system of checks and balances and they all signed these checks. ALL OF THEM...

The scary thing is that no matter who wins we are fucked either way...

At 2:18 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I wasn't trying to play any race card. I apologize unequivocally if you felt it sounded like I was accusing you of voting a straight white ticket. I was trying to say the opposite. But you might provide me a link to the people telling jokes about Palin's DS kid. I can't say I've noticed a lot of that sort of thing.

You wouldn't be getting John McCain either--McCain didn't even pick his own veep, unless you believe he was so won over by spending fifteen minutes with her that he couldn't wait to offer her the second-highest seat in the land, despite her more-or-less total disagreement with him on about half the issues he still has firm positions on.

And he's hired Karl Rove's roadies (Griffin and Schmidt, among others) to help him drive his campaign. The same guys badly screwed him over in South Carolina in 2000, but now he wants those same dirty tricks working for him.

McCain was in favour of Roe V. Wade, now he says he'll work to overturn it. He was pro-immigration-reform, now he's against it ... I'd keep going, but I haven't the space.

"He also says the same rehearsed shit over and over ..."
Maybe you're right ... McCain never once repeats himself, at least not when it comes to positions he held in 2000.

You have to admit that Obama's election would bring change. His policies actually are different from Bush's. McCain has voted with Bush 90% of the time, and his platform doesn't include any major changes to the way Bush has been doing things.

I surely believe that Obama is a consumate politician, and McCain isn't, any longer. And that's precisely why Obama's needed. The US has had eight years of a "just-folks" fake. And whatever one may say of Biden, Palin looks like a total naif in comparison, and with good reason.

Politics is the way folks get things done without bloodshed (mostly). So the US needs someone who's actually good at it, for one thing.

I'll certainly agree with you that the democratic leadership these past two years has been pathetic. Faced with a president to whom the word "compromise" was synonymous with "defeat" they capitulated time and again to his most egregious demands. If they had any spine between the lot of them, Bush and Cheney would be testifying at their impeachment trials right now.

But they've been in charge only a quarter of the Bush years. Had they had the House in 2000 or so, they might well have kept the damage to a minimum.

Which makes a charismatic leader who holds nuanced positions all the more necessary now. And that person isn't McCain--and it sure as evolution isn't Palin.

I really used to like McCain. But I despise the parodic mockery of himself that his Rovian strategists have turned him into.

I feel that Barack Obama's election is a cause for hope. He can do a lot of things McCain can't, if for no other reason that the fact that he's genuinely new and reasonably original. And I think that once you give the guy a chance, you might find you rather like him.

I honestly feel that it's a mistake for anyone to support the McCain campaign at a time when the reputation and fortunes of the USA are so badly damaged both at home and abroad.

Thanks for your reply. I wanted badly for someone to tell me what could possibly be keeping M-P in the race. And mistrust of a politician isn't necessarily a bad thing, I guess.


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