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30 October 2008

Blogging is So Damn Difficult These Days

I wish my workplace would plump for a new computer ...

Seriously, the 228K of RAM (no, that's not a typo, regrettably) that my machine brings to the table is now officially insufficient to even let me do my work.

Said work consists of, by hand, doing the crap the our IT department thinks is beneath them. That involves combing through some subset of the 11,000 articles my workplace keeps at various online locations and categorizing them, which involves, essentially, opening the back end of a web page and ticking one of a selection of boxes. I also correct the titles and punctuation. The apostrophes, in particular, seem to have met with a series of unfortunate accidents during the Great Server Rollout Malfunction, Physical Hard Drive Crash, and Mass Migration Back To The Old Site But On a New Server.

Or as IT would have it, the "Product Launch".

I don't mind, it fills up the days and although it's tedious as hell, at least I know it's being done right. I'm convinced our IT experts are all English as a Second Language students. They can give you the alphabet in two or three goes, but they'll have to refer to their character maps ....

My computer can't handle the website, which is quite simply a variant of a popular blogging site. I type a sentence, go for a coffee, and return in time to type the next sentence.

So my boss told me to do it from the disused Dell two workstations away. However, there are a couple of interesting issues with this:

1) The new computer is throttled--for some reason I can't access my email account from the damn thing. No Yahoo mail, no Gmail, no nothin'--bastards.

And that IS a work issue--I sometimes work from home, or send myself different versions of documents I'm working on. And I don't use Outlook when I can avoid it.

2) My boss doesn't want anyone to know the unused computer exists. She's afraid someone will declare it surplus to requirements and take it from us.

I'm worried that if I get the Dell, which is running XP, then I'll miss out on the big shiny new computer I'm supposed to get when the company perforce has to upgrade from Win'00 to XP next year. That is, since I'm already running it on the Dell, I won't get a new machine.

Which would presumably come with censorware prepackaged, I guess, bringing us full circle to #1.

Anyway, here's a great video about how to get those gays to stop harping on about gay marriage.

Stolen from the occasionally violently funny Margaret Cho, who is God's bitch.

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At 4:22 p.m., Blogger Silverstar said...

Not even half a gig of ram? Dude, that sucks.

At 8:51 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Not exactly ... More like s ... u ... u ... u ... c ... c ... k ... s.

If they're afraid I'll wind up doing nothing but blogging and surfing social networking sites, they're mistaken--the pages take too bloody long to load!


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