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26 August 2008

Dial "M" for "Metroblog"

Today's post is being brought to you by the letter "M" and the number 1000.

M stands for "Metroblog"

M stands for "Metro"

And now I want you to all stand for the Mth post here at Metroblog!

And M stands for "Most of all I'd like to thank YOU." I couldn't have done it without my approximately-one-tenth-score of Avid Fans.

Please join me for a massive meal featuring mashed mongoose meatballs, mangled macaw, macaroni and mortadella, and mangoes. Followed by music by Men Without Hats, Men at Work, Midnight Oil, and Motorhead.

Well, actually, since you probably can't make it for munchies, here's the music.

Men Without Hats

Men At Work

Midnight Oil

Sod--I could listen to those bastards all day. Check M out:
here and also here. And look up "The Forgotten Years."

Motorhead--well actually it's Lemmy, Whitfield Crane, and Ice Cube.

Thanks for being with us this long, and here's hoping the next few years are shorter on political blog fodder and maybe a little longer on the personal development, eh?


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At 1:11 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Well done, Monsieur Metro, for so many perceptive observations

Here's to the next 1,000 posts

... but perhaps my Favourite ... errrr I mean favOrite ... was the mutual frustrations occasioned by an apparently defenceless ... errr defenseless ... calf for the Crokodilia at the hands of the Lions and then for the Lions at the horns of the Buffalo

.... especially the Lion who performed what would have been a Gold-Medal winning somersault inspired by the horns of one irate Mother Buffalo

At 8:38 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

@Herr eagle:
Glad is my heart to see you once again on these shores.

As to the video--well nature's a mother, sometimes. In all senses of the word.

Glad you've stuck around.

At 12:08 p.m., Blogger Philipa said...

Great blog, Metro.

Whatever happened to the Monkeys?

At 3:51 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on 1,000.
Wish you would blog more about your budding theatre career.


At 6:45 a.m., Blogger Pugs said...

Congrats!!!!! One Thousand? How many of those are actually coherent thoughts or are they all ramblings of a complete lunatic? Best wishes on a thousand more!!!


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