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22 August 2008

Bob Novak has a Brain Tumour

His erratic behaviour has been making headlines of late. I'm sort of gratified. He had a fair dollop of integrity, but he seemed to be slowly falling into the swamp of old, angry, conservatism that plagues much of the US. So it's comforting, in a way, to find out he's merely ill.

(Though I can't help but wonder if we'll see the cheering over this in certain quarters that we did over Teddy Kennedy's.)

The news is about a month old. But I felt that this image deserved a little attention. This is the picture from the front page of the Arizona Star for August 8th. I've rearranged the elements to fit this page, by sticking the picture, which originally was up at the right, captioned "Novak's" [sic], over the advert, but I have the original screencap if anyone wants to see it for validation.

Bob, I never knew you. I thought you were just another angry white guy.

In a way, it's comforting that Teddy Kennedy came down with one first. Otherwise I might regard this as further proof of my theory that modern conservatism of the "libertarian"/FOX/Limbaugh brand is in fact a pathology.

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