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17 July 2008

Tell It Like it is, Carney!

Of course I suppose that depends on whether it's your job that's been cut. In all, I'm sure the economy is fine right now, but I believe that we'd best be searching for trade partners in a hurry, or onshoring some of our own industry. Because our nearest neighbour is about ten trillion in the hole and really shouldn't be encouraged to buy anything.

Speaking of buying stuff. How the hell has this happened under the ever-alert noses of the press? And why does no-one seem to be saying anything about it (including the perps).

Bush claims "conscience" is a valid reason for denying people sound, scientific medical care.

Soon we'll be seeing doctors treating syphillis with lemon juice because they're "philosophically opposed" to antibiotics. Faith healing will be listed as a valid medical expense under "physiotherapy" ...

Sure it's aimed at the "abortion is murder" crowd ... or is it?

Nope: It's aimed at the fruit bats who think a fertilized egg should get voting rights. Many of these imbeciles also subscribe to the notion that there's a god who considers every sperm sacred, or something.

In which case one has to wonder why s/he allows fertilized eggs by the millions to be flushed from hordes of wombs, unnoticed, each year. Still, she's mysterious, or so I'm told by his/her fans.

God, it took the United States 225 years to rise from subsistence farming and superstition to become the economic engine of the world and scientific leader, and George Bush took less than eight years to £µ©λ it up completely.

I suppose it isn't all bad: Clearly the spirit of 1776 is alive and well under the Bush regime. They've got the superstition, they cower in fear of their gods, torture is enshrined in law, racism abounds alongside fear of foreigners, no-one may resist the state ...

Oh, and they sent their finest people to die in a Crusade in the Middle East, which is a bit more Medieval. Unless you're with the "insurgents" in Iraq, who apparently have learned the lessons of American History fairly well.

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