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18 June 2008

Some Maintenance

Just added another talent to the blogroll. Give it up for the ever-acerbic pugs at tittybits!

Myself, I'm having an up-and-down kind of day. Getting a good deal done at work, but having to read about how my government is pushing legislation that will destroy what has been a fairly robust copyright regime while criminalizing most Canadians, allow the plods to snoop my iPod, and take tax money away from Canadian filmmakers whilst handing it out to American ones pissed me off.

On the other hand, my workplace finally got coffee back into the building, meaning I no longer have to walk ten minutes down the street to Timmy's.

Hey--it's all about scale. I can handle the big $#!7.

PS: If you want an uderstanding of why bill C-10, the movie-kneecapping law, is a bad idea, take a look at that link:
Who is in favour of C-10?

The federal Conservative party; conservative religious leaders including Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition; lobby groups such as Canadians Concerned about Violence in Entertainment and Real Women of Canada.

That makes four groups of religious fundies, and no-one else.

However, Stephane Dion's carbon tax plan just keeps getting better. He's now dressing his party in a "green shift".

He now says he'll drop personal income taxes by nearly ten percent! I could learn to love this dude.

However, I'm leery of this. I'd prefer it if he'd stopped at saying he was going to move gas taxes to green measures. He's determined to prove this'll be revenue neutral. I think Canadians'd be willing to accept it as an environmental cost of doing business.

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