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09 June 2008

The Coolest Damn Thing on the Internet. Ever.

The internet, in the early years, was regarded as a force for good in much the same way that television was. People envisioned hordes of rapt-attentive little kiddies gathered about the warm glow of the monitor as they soaked up atomic physics before being put down with their blankies for a nap.

Naturally the historic inquisitiveness of the human mind soon asserted itself and today you can find a porn site for anything you desires in your secret, twisted little black heart, including (I am certain, though I have no proof and would prefer to preserve at least some shred of my innocence), Wizard of Oz fetishes, men who lick gum from the underside of school desks, Yassir Arafat/Ehud Olmert slash, etc.

However, the nobler majority of the denizens of the electronic home of humanity got on the serious and high-minded pursuit of "cool". A quest that took us through robots, ninjas, pirates, Steampunk, and zombies, and which has at last been fulfilled.

Behold, the Steampunk Zombie Pirate Ninja Robot, panned from the silt of Flickr by Mme Metro and passed on to yours trule.

The internet is over, its purpose has been fulfilled.

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