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20 May 2008

Feeling Pretty Damn Good Today, Overall

It's raining here in Hometown. I still haven't gotten the garden fenced, however I bought a 1/2 litre of wolf/coyote/cougar urine to keep the deer off.

I do have one minor gripe lately. It's about the price of gasoline. Simply put, I'm sick of hearing people whining about it.

Most particularly, I'm sick of hearing the following people whine about it:

1) The dude with the enormous Dodge pickup that never carries more than his skinny ass to and from work. Substitute your favourite vehicle and other person. If it's travelling empty, or nearly so, you're wasting fuel in anything with a motor bigger than 1.8 litres.

2) Anyone in real estate development. You people made possible the growth of enormous subdivisions without a single grocery within walking distance.

3) The girl at work who shamefacedly admitted last week after complaining about $1.35-a-litre gas that she drives to work from a house that's roughly 800 walking metres away, but twice that distance by road.

And lastly:
4,5, and 6) The @$$#013 who was at the Canadian Tire gas bar last week bitching about the price to the harried worker at the till (who presumably didn't actually set the price personally) while holding three bottles of water he was purchasing from the cooler.

If you're willing to drink bottled municipal tapwater, which you can get for pennies, and pay more than the price of gasoline for it, then you should simply STFU.


Otherwise, things are pretty peachy. My roomates are finally making money, so hopefully we can start charging them rent soon (more on them perhaps later).

I'm on schedule to finish my plywood duck racer in time for the race. The hull was built by a friend, and last year I trained her in sailing it. She went off to the Big Smoke and so left it with me. As she was an enthusiastic but not excessively skilled carpenter, I am essentially patching all the holes. This meant tearing the bottom off. I've stiffened the hull and will be painting it inside this week. Then I'll glue the new bottom onto it, seal all seams with glue and paint the exterior. I'm also adding a larger sail and trying for a jib sail on the front of her.

I've been looking into fuel injection for my dirty little Yamaha U7 scooter. It looks like a relatively simple business if I can find an electronic injector of the right sort. The bike's a two-stroke, so I can save about 25 percent of my fuel if the project is successful.

The garden is shooting up green stuff, which I think is generally good. Now if we can weed out what's a weed, she'll be right. Though I do observe that last year's potatoes have gone feral--there seems to be one rogue potato plant in every row.

The sunflowers amuse me--they look like tiny little Atlases rising into space holding the remnants of their shells above them on their slowly-separating leaves.

And finally, the rain held off long enough for me to get some yard work done and work on the boat. Now it's pouring down and I'm indoors at work.

I should really go and do some.

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At 1:34 p.m., Blogger Pugs said...

Seems like everyone is out doing yardwork lately and unfortunately, I was recruited to do some for a friend. Fortunately, it did not involve any kind of animal piss...

My gripe about people who gripe about the gas prices is that some blame things totally not related to the price of gas on it. For example: One lady said she is going to have to cook larger meals so she can freeze the leftovers because of the gas prices. WTF? You're still going to have to go to the grocery store when that food runs out idiot. Another person said they are going to have to ride their bike more. Seems logical right?...if they owned a car.

Potatoes seem to travel throughout the yard it seems. They are almost like ugly people, they keep multiplying...

At 5:13 p.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I am so with you 1000% on your fuel price rant.

And I could have given you coyote pee for free. Or, sort of free.

Where did you get that concoction anyways? And how did they harvest it? I'm curious...

At 8:53 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Larger meals ... ?
And how much more would you have to ride a bike if you don't have a car anyway?

Wow, the weirdness.

Potatoes--I think they are wrongly classified as a nightshade. I believe they are in fact related to either sharks or volcanoes. They turn up abruptly, rising upward in places where you least expect them.

We must have really gawdawful tough milkmaids here, that's all I can say.


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