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16 April 2008

Not for the Squeamish--Topless Pics of ... Ugh, I can't Say It.

I can't even think it.

In the wake of Rupert "Who Cares If It's True? It's FOX!" Murdoch's acquisition of the once-proud Wall Street Journal, a group of parodists has put out My Wall Street Journal.

The inaugural edition features the picture found on this page. Which I warn you will make you want to harm yourself, possibly in a graphic fashion--I'm talking Oedipus Rex meets Lorena Bobbitt here.

If I hadn't been wearing an approved Jesus' General brand Conservative Pro-life Tubesock I might have been badly injured before my computer shut down--seemingly in self-defence.

If you have a blind friend to duct tape your arms to the chair, go have a look. But just a glance. Otherwise ectoplasm will be expelled from your body with dangerous force.

Oh--the "expelled" link thing is just a gratuitous link to kick Ben Stein and the producers in the metaphorical nuts for promoting the Creationist fantasy film "Expelled--No Intelligence Allowed" as some sort of documentary. More explanation here.

I mean, what does it say about Expelled" when even FOX hates it?

Which neatly brings us back to Rupert "Howling Mad" Murdoch. And there, O Avid Fan, I think it's best to leave it. Don't you?

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At 9:03 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is wholly repugnant. Shame on you for soiling your own excellent blog with a link to a nude photo of Ann Colter (sic).
I am disgusted and right now considering disowning you as a friend. An apology, dear sir, is demanded!

Yours with disdain,


At 10:34 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Unlike Rupert, mate, I don't make up the news. I just report it and offer my shiny-clean, unbiased, and well-reasoned opinion.

As for Crazy Annie, you have to admit I did warn you.

And she's NOT nude--This is not a tentacle porn blog!

At 11:11 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


Disclaimers are for the dead. I still insist an apology, thou scurvy dog.


At 3:05 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

No ... I think you've got that backwards. Disclaimers are for those who are still alive to read.

Apologies, based on the criteria for politicians apologizing and the observable time-lapse, are for the dead.


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