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17 April 2008

Inspired by the Music of Meyers

After reading the links in the post here, I am inspired:

Expelled (From Academia)
To the tune of "Hotel California"

In a dark movie theatre,
Air conditionin' on
All out of the liquorice
All the popcorn was gone

Up ahead on a big screen,
There was a flickering glow
My eyes were heavy but I sat up straight
I really had to know

Lecture hall wasn't empty
All the extras were hired
Ben Stein's nasal drone in the air
Geez he really sounds tired

Well, he talked about Darwin, and Dawkins and Pee Zed*
By the time he got finished,
I was bangin' my head

He said:
Welcome to Expelled (from Acadamia)
See the godzone truth
From the projection booth

Don't need no facts in Expelled (from Acadamia)
For its premise rests
On its truthiness

Ben Stein was explaining
Why prof Gene took a dive
What he took 90 minutes to say
He could have told us in five

And still teh crazy it burns all across the land
Doesn't bother the DI folks though
Sure they're feeling grand

Welcome to Expelled (from Acadamia)
Yeah it's got Ben Stein
And his monowhine

Yes we're oh-so-fair in Expelled (from Acadamia)
Why just look at who's
In our interviews

(slow tempo)
As the filmaker people
Spun distortions and lies
I felt a need for some Visine (TM)
For my itchy red eyes

I rose to go get some
But was stopped when they said
That the grand persecution
Was / all / the/ fault / of / PZ*

(tempo up)
Last thing I remember, I was
Tumbling to the floor
Ribs contracting in laughter
Couldn't take any more

Relax, said the doorman
And we'll bring you right round
I said:
I wouldn't mind watching that again
If they just could kill the sound

(* "Pee Zed". I'm Canadian. Hope you'll forgive the liberty.)

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At 8:20 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


Effin' brilliant! Right outta the park. You and Joe Walsh should lay that one down immediately. Maybe he'll run for president again.


At 9:47 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Think it'll take a Juno?


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