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04 March 2008

FOX Publishes Article on Net Neutrality

... Heavens Quake, Satan seen in Sportcheck purchasing ice skates.

I believe in net neutrality. And I believe it should be codified into law.

What would it change for the user at home? Nothing. However, it would definitely change things for the telcos who are already starting to stream the internet. Their aim is simple: create a package of different-level accesses to the internet which they can control.

"Premium" subscribers will get faster data and download rates. Those of us like my noble self who buy just as much as they need will be relegated to the second tier service.

We already have tiered service. If you don't believe me, try buying dial-up and running your computer on that.

There are all sorts of arguments against net neutrality. Most have to do with "it'll stifle innovation."

Yeah, because from 1994 on, the de facto neutral net strangled commerce and hampered research and development efforts ... yeah, that's it ... sure it has ... The results of this arrested development can be seen all around us ... Well if you're a telco executive, anyway.

What's really shocking is that FOX news--never the most neutral and unbiased source--is the published of this editorial.

Presumably they know that no-one would pay extra just to get "Fair and Balanced" faster.

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At 9:43 p.m., Blogger Vlad the Impala said...

Oh wow. If FOX is starting to argue in favour of net neutrality, I'd say the telcos are in trouble. Excellent!


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