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14 December 2007

Oh, And While I'm At It, Here's a Little Incentive for You

I highly reccomend the Kelsey Grammar version of "A Christmas Carol" that I linked to at IMDB in the post below. Particularly the appearance of the luscious Jane Krakowski as the Spirit of Christmas Past.

This is Jane Krakowski. She is one of the finest talents you've never heard of, and unlike many if not most of the others, she has class.

Personally, I think she'd make a fine Christmas Present. Anyone want to wrap her in ribbon and send her my way?

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At 1:00 p.m., Blogger Slave to the dogs said...

She's got a killer voice and she can dance too. I liked her on Ally McBeal and am happy to see her back on 30 Rock.

At 2:44 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I never saw Ally McBeal ... one episode in a truck stop in Mississippi, I think. And I've never heard of 30 Rock.

But the review I read was spot on when it pointed out that she didn't get enough screen time in "Carol" (Nor did Jason Alexander as Marley).

She stole the spot from Kelsey Grammar every time she appeared.

At 4:21 p.m., Blogger Slave to the dogs said...

30 Rock is so funny! Tina Fey's new sit-com. I highly recommend if you can find it.

I'm not a big Kelsey Grammar fan (outside of Frasier) so I'm not suprised she stole the show.

At 6:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Metro-Dog;

That gal has talent alright. Scwhingggg...


At 7:57 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane Krakowski is indeed talented, and has been around for years (started on Broadway) but boy, howdy, has she had a LOT of work done. I think the legs are the only part that's original.

And thank you for fixing your comments! I promise not to reveal your dreams are plastic for at least a month.

At 12:22 p.m., Blogger Philipa said...

I thought she was fab in Ally McBeal, far more screen presence and talent than stick-thin wossname.. indy's girlfriend. Sorry, can't remember her name. I liked Peter MacNicol too, I thought he was fab, really fab.

Which remind me of my fave line in a film: Ghostbusters when Bill Murray looks at the beast that was Sigourney Weaver and says to the guys: "ok so she's a dog".

At 9:43 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I'll have to check it out, if I ever again have any free time.

I think YAZ said it best when they said "Ooh Yeeeaaah. (Chick-chikka)."

I assume you can back that up? Seems to me that you're casting about a lot of plastic surgery aspersions ... I hope this isn't a case of it taking one to know one.

As far as the comments, Der Google seems to have sorted that out on its own. Clearly their corporate masters read Metroblog. I'm going to have to start including that in the tagline: "As read by Google's Corporate Masters!"

Did I mention our Christmas special, by the way? This week only, all Metroblog content is 50% off. I think all will agree it's well worth the price.

Precisely the reason I never watched it. The few times I was home, the few minutes I DID see, Callista "O god somebody take that girl to a barbeque house and feed her!" Flockheart always had some stupid problem that a normal person could have sorted out in about two seconds.

Which mostly characterizes American sitcoms. If you ever get a chance to watch "Made in Canada" or (as it was sold in the US) "The Industry", take the time.

Re. Ghostbusters: Also a favourite quote of mine. Along with "I've got a nuclear accelerator strapped to my back, but I'm fine."

At 7:35 p.m., Anonymous Lori said...

Made in Canada -- of which ONLY 1 SEASON is available on DVD -- is one of our favourite show!


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