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05 November 2007

Workaday Humour

So I'm at work today, and I'm doing a wee bit of internet research. For reasons connected with stuttering fingers I mis-typed a set of search terms into Google Images. I won't reproduce the entry 'cos the pervs already know it, I'm sure. But it involved several terms, two of which were "rope" and "hitch". Only for the "h" mis-type a "b".

I search with the brakes off, no filters, content blockers, and Google SafeSearch "off". I'm a grownup. Most times the "adult" content I'm looking for is perhaps gory, but news-related.

So suddenly my workspace monitor fills up with images of mostly women, mostly blonde, in varying degrees of bondage. I'm cool with that. And I actually suspect my boss would be too, but let's try and keep things safe for work, right? I mean, my office is shared space.

But I click on one site ... just a peek. Why? Well because I found the image interesting and wanted to look okay? This isn't a Republican convention, I don't feel the need to say "Oh, I accidentally went and looked at that there porny pitcher." I deliberately clicked onto a porn site. At work. Sue me.

But the page gave me a great laugh. On the right-hand sidebar was a small button labelled "Quick, the boss is coming!".

Clearly I am not the first productively employed visitor to the site.

I click it, out of interest. And here is the page it sends me to.

This is why people really fear artists. Because they have a sense of humour. Even pornographers. Possibly, in view of what they sell, especially pornographers.


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