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13 November 2007

In Not-Unrelated Dry-Weather News

Georgians (the USian kind, not the Russian kind), are being urged to pray for rain.

The area has been ravaged by drought, so rather than say, enact drastic conservation measures last summer, the governor figures the thing to do is hold a prayer meeting.

But it tells one something about the local political climate when the front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution online includes the serious question: "Will it work?"

The best answer to which was a comment, thus:
They can pray all they want. If it doesn’t rain, then it’s god’s will. If it rains, then it’s God’s will. Can’t lose either way.

Unless you consider it desireable that people actually get water.


At 11:34 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Bonsoir M Mot-Wizarde

I don't know who it is, who (apparently) can't lose either way

- is it God ... or the long-suffering denizens of Georgia ???

Je reste Le vestre Servant etc

L'Aigle Gris

At 12:59 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Honestly, I think the citizens of Georgia already lost when they got this guy as governor.

But it's a disease that seems to affect all politicians in the modern age. No statesmanship, no guts, no ability to take unpleasant but truly necessary steps.

How about some low-flow toilets? A per-litre usage charge? A new water collection and delivery system, even?

I suppose one could pray for them.

At 6:21 p.m., Anonymous pj said...

That poor misguided knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing redneck governor has the same last name as mine. Unfortunately we're probably distantly related. This kind of story makes you think that we still live in medieval times.

At 8:00 a.m., Blogger Slave to the dogs said...

The American bible belt is a really weird place.

At 8:48 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I have yet to see a story indicating whether prayers to the Buddha, Krishna, Allah, or Great Ctulhu will be acceptable to the Governor.

Myself, I am asking the FSM to respond by not interfering with his noodly tendrils.

If my prayers are answered, then clearly the FSM is the One Truth.


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