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16 October 2007

A Schoolboy Analysis

John Gray makes this analogy to the state of mind preceding tonight's throne speech:
If you guys don't shut up, I'm going to call an election. You're looking for trouble and you're going to get it. Do it my way and we won't need an election. No, do it my way and we won't need an election. Yeah? Yeah! Who says? I say, so stuff it. Yeah? Yeah! You're chicken. Say that again. Yeah? Yeah! I dare ya. Yeah?
--Via the CBC

In other news, the Harper government is setting up its own "independant" media centre. Presumably in order to circumvent a free press without having to actually go about all that messy business with the jackboots.

Remember--that's Mr. "Accountability-in-Government" who's deliberately disassembling it. I hope the Liberals call him on the throne speech. I'm willing to go to the polls to see the back of him, and the sooner the better. He's not what we need right now.


At 9:58 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I'm hoping for an election, too. We need that despot out of power ASAP. This media centre thing is just so beyond scary.

At 9:47 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

The debate is on at my place. Totally. That CBC link has done wonders for my traffic, lemme tell ya.

At 3:42 p.m., Anonymous archie FCD said...

Our despot has finally called the election he shouldn't win. Trumpeting fiscal responsibility all the while, he has just dumped an extra $34 Billion in tax cuts into our already overheated economy! Roll on Nov 24!

At 4:11 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada's "new government" is sounding more and more like an old cult. This kind of government is truly undemocratic and follows the model south of the border in a frightening way.Are we about to see a prime minister who doesn't have to answer the tough questions posed in the house or by the press ? Of course if he has his own press corps then he can write the questions himself and have his little claque applaud the answers. Is this really the type of government we want ?


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