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10 October 2007

A Quick Post About Why I Can't Post

Things are a little crazy in Metroland ... so everything's normal. Or normal as it gets. However:

I haven't been able to make the rounds of the blogroll, nor put up any really serious posts for about a week. Part of that was Thanksgiving weekend. But things are likely to be a bit spotty for a while. I'm making at least two trips out of town in the next two weeks, work's ramped up, and theatre is sucking out the few minutes I have to myself.

At work, I've been given another project (read: "had dumped on me another publication"). I want it, as it's part of the conditions for my raise. But other workplace changes are currently being felt as well, and that means posting from work is totally out.

After work I get to go home for dinner, and then five days a week I'm at one theatre or another either rehearsing or performing. That gets me home just early enough to fall into bed and do it over again tomorrow.

So I'm posting to ask your patience, O Avid Fan. Particularly I would like to apologize to the antisocialist, who has been waiting patiently for me to craft a reply to his thoughtful comment about the Canadian health care system.

I'll be back, but I'm short on time at the moment.


At 2:45 p.m., Anonymous antisocialist said...

No, no, my brother. You needn't worry about responding to my actual comment. I just want to know where, specifically, you learned of my antipathy toward the hyphen. Seriously speaking, did you read it on my blog? Or did you read it somewhere else?

Only curious, but very curious.

Best of all possible regards.

At 3:38 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


May I suggest you listen to some jazz? Some Oscar Peterson or a little Pat Metheny can do wonders, not to mention Charlie Parker. Best of luck, O Thespian, as you hit the boards.


At 6:14 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I'm not 100 per cent certain. I believe I picked it up off of one of the entries under "Ask the antisocialist."

Actually I've been getting down with a little Wolfgang. Seen him yet?


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