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24 October 2007

Haven't Been Around Much ... I've Been Thinking About Joining a Church

I got nothing.

Just totally uninspired lately. Well, what's inspiring anyway, out there?

Bush just scuttled a health plan for kids, 'cos he's all about that culture of life stuff, and expanding health-care to another few million children would cost as much as his pet war burns by killing people for two months.

I'm thinking of joining a church. Yeah, just so I can believe in an appropriate hell for this clown.

In other news, Democratic opposition still refuses to impeach ... managing the miracle of being bigger @$$#013s than Dubya is and yet remaining more popular.

Did I mention I'm thinking of joining a church?

At the same moment, Bush shoots off his mouth at Fidel and Raul Castro--whose country has a universal health care plan.

In related news, Rush Limbaugh and friends swiftboat a 12-year-old.

Have I said I'm thinking about joining a church?

Things aren't much better here . Stéphane Dion is eating Stephen Harper's $#!7 with a smile, rather than actually take a stand for anything and start an election, because he feels "Canadians aren't ready for an election."

What he really means is "I'm scared Canadians aren't ready to vote Liberal again yet."

Well I tell you one thing, Steph. You just guaranteed that that's not going to change, at least until you quit.

Of course, since the other two opposition parties are playing with their dicks and letting Dion have seconds at the buffet, I'm stuck with the Green Party, the Marijuana Party, or the Sex Party. Suits me fine. I would give anything to live for five years in a country governed by a coalition of those three parties! Instead of the usual crop of blue-suited wealthy white boring old farts. Harper's worse by only about thirty percent.

Until the election ... I've been thinking about joining a church.

The NaPo had an editorial this week detailing their fancy that Canadians are "getting over their fear of Harper." In which they claim that objections to our current stiff, wooden, inhuman PM are fuelled by some terror we have that he has a "secret agenda". Uh, no. We know his agenda. He wants to turn Canada into America-Lite. 'Cos that country is working so well for all its little corporo-serfs. The secretive part is Harper's refusal to allow the people he works for to have a look at his work. From "security certificates" to his secret communications complex, he tells us nothing.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about joining a church.

Pakistan is starting to hit a rolling boil. A corrupt yet democraticish politician returned home to face the corrupt, undemocratic coup leader, and 115 die because politics in Pakistan hasn't quite managed to favour the ballot over the bullet yet.

Iraq is ... well, you know ... Blackwater continues to revolt and disgust enemies and friends alike, at home and abroad. But that's okay, because Prince Erik is a pay-triotic American who believes in free markets and the private-sector management of government functions, so he must be a good guy.

Who makes me think I might consider joining a church.

In related news, China's putting a polish on repression in order to make the place look a little less like a dictatorship and more like a workers' paradise in time for the Olympics. Never mind that the only thing growing faster than the cities is the mass of humans left in the cold by the desperate graft of their "Communist" rulers. Speaking of which.

Vancouver is allowing the free market to determine whether or not the slumlords who've sucked off the public-expense tit for decades should be allowed to renovate and then sell for millions the properties they couldn't even make liveable for the past decade or two.

Makes me want to join a church.

David Horowitz is holding "$#!7 Your Pants at a Muslim Week"--Keynote speaker is that bastion of rational Christian morality, Ann Coulter. Already the first blow has been struck, as Hamas-trained terror squads piss and make faces.

I have a solution: I'll join a church!

California is burning. Because Al-Q set fire to it. Good ol' Fox "News"--still giving us reasons to shoot our televisions. Hat tip to Mr. Schecter and Co. I'm probably not important enough to give hat tips to anyone ... so WAGASA?

But no matter, the world is heating up at an increasing rate and no-one in government or industry is remotely interested in taking any neccesary steps (see: "Stéphane Dion", also look under "principles--betrayal of").

The three Kittens of the Apocalypse: Shit, Piss, and Corruption. Wherever I look.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy £µ¢λing thoughts ...


At 6:57 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

I have a church for you, Metro. I've been a member for years. It's the Universal Life Church ( and I'm ordained there (really). They say, "We are all children of the same universe. All that we ask is for you promote the freedom of and from religion and to 'Do that Which is Right'. It is up to each individual to determine what is right as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is within the law."

I practice this faith by limiting the amount of TV news I inhale, and by realizing that whatever one focuses upon increases, which includes the negativity and insanity of BushCo. A state of denial isn't a bad thing, really -- come join me!

At 10:34 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Actually, I've been thinking about joining the Church of the Great Big Hole in the Ground, which appears thus far only in Alan Moore & Xander Cannon's Top Ten comic (the old name for what we now find it neccesary to dignify with the name "graphic novel").

Since it is thus far a complete fiction, it enjoys several advantages over older faiths, which do not recognize the fact.


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