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15 August 2007

Well, Someone's Foaming at the Mouth

Okay, so this idiot owner leaves his dog in the car, and the intrepid Animal Investigator from the SPCA rescues it from being baked to death by smacking out a window. I'm mostly okay with that.

(I'm not okay with the self-righteous folks in cities like Calgary who apparently size up your animal's condition on their own, then smash the window and possibly steal your dog, but whatever.)

But then this consumate @$$#0!3 goes and handcuffs the owner to his SUV and pisses off with the "dying" mutt. While cuffed to the vehicle, idiot owner says he was beaten by infuriated passers-by.

Said investigator gets suspended. Whines about it, and suddenly he's all over the news and people are holding rallies for him. I take it the same stupid donks at these rallies cheer loudly when a Toronto cop beats someone with his nightstick?

There's a lot wrong with this picture:

1) An "animal investigator" gets handcuffs? Why? He's not a cop, no matter how passionately he wishes he were. Under what circumstances has he been called upon to use them before? Maybe he just wanted to try them out? Oh--and how come no other SPCA jurisdiction in the province issues handcuffs to its oficers?

2) Ex-Investigator Tre Smith (ex-"cast member" of ex-"reality-based" TV show) refuses to provide a statement about what, exactly happened; presumably on the advice of his lawyer. His boss was blindly backing him at the start, saying: "He was jeopardizing the rescue operation and was threatening the safety of people at the scene." Chyeah, right.

I suspect that the owner of the dog probably just looked at ex-Investigator Smith the wrong way.

3) If a cop had done this, he'd be off duty and on charges. Smith is lucky he's not getting sued.

Two stupids don't make a smart. Smith had no business handcuffing the guy in the first place, and less leaving him helpless, cuffed to his pigmobile. Imagine if some clever dick had let loose the handbrake, and the vehicle had coasted down a hill into Lake Ontario, for e.g..

When the story broke at my workplace, the volunteer firefighter I work with said "Good. I commend that guy. I just wish he'd locked the asshole in his car so he could feel what the dog felt."

Tre Smith is a dick, and the fact that the guy he handcuffed was a dick too isn't going to change that. The people supporting this bully are just flat-out wrong, and need to grow up.


At 4:21 a.m., Blogger mister anchovy said...

maybe so, but I have no sympathy at all for the moron who thought letting his dog roast in the car was OK.

At 4:50 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Neither do I. But there's a world of difference between saying that what he did was stupid and wrong, and saying that what Smith did was somehow just and righteous.

At 10:33 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

What I think is wrong is that this guy isn't submitting a report on his activities to his employer -- what does he have to hide? Maybe he's just enjoying the ride of this 15 minutes, before he 'fesses up to going beyond the bounds of his mandate.


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