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21 August 2007

The War On Drugs, Harper Style?

From the Globe and Mail
"The debate over whether to legalize marijuana, for example, has left an entire generation confused over whether or not pot is legal in Canada. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not," Mr. Clement said.
Think about that quote for a second.

The debate about whether to legalize something is causing doubt as to whether it's illegal? Possibly only one of Harper's ministers could make that statement. Of course, since the ministers in the Harper government are ventriloquist's dummies for ol' Stiff Steve himself, the rhetoric is nothing astounding.

Just you watch: they're going to trot out the old, groaning paraphanalia of prohibition again, I bet. Rather than re-opening debate they'd prefer to take the old "spare the rod, spoil the addict" approach?

I feel this is just the opening salvo. It's been fairly clear from the day of Harper's infliction on us that he's been itching to align our policies more closely toward the US ones.

If we work at it, we too can make our prisons even more overcrowded, clog our court systems, add disproportionate legal response to minor infractions and give the police even more bully power. Just like the emerging dystopia to our south.

I'm in no doubt as to whether or not pot's illegal. It is. I'm a responsible, hard-working, taxpaying Canadian citizen. And I'm fond of a toke or two now and again. Now could somebody either arrest me or go blow a goat? Most cops won't bother you for pot unless you're also doing something even dumber.

These people continue to think in mid-Twentieth-Century terms about Twenty-first Century problems. That needs to change. Either that, or the government does.

I'm watching very carefully to see whether they support the Safe Injection Site. By December 31st we'll all know whether this government really believes in the health and healing approach, or whether they're moralistic morons driven by contempt.

Oh, and I guarantee that some of Harper's Conservatives like a toke too.


At 12:19 p.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Bonjour M Metro

I am sorry to again be a moralistic, infinitive-splitting moron

Perhaps I take these things too much to heart, having recently had a relative murdered

AND I certainly don't know how best we should deal with drugs-abuse which is driving so much crime and causing such misery on both sides of the Pond

However, isn't it a misapprehension that Cannabis is a "harmless" "recreational" substance that should not be criminalised and that the Police should not bother to prosecute

It may be that some Cannabis users do escape from its ill-effects or that they are not bothered about the ill-effects it has on them or (through them) on their families or neighbours

However, isn't there increasing medical evidence that Cannabis is destructive :

1. It is for many a Gateway to really unpleasant soul-destroying drugs (eg cocaine & heroine)

2. For many, it does cause mental illness & destruction of the soul & the mind

3. It is certainly associated (along with heroin & cocaine) with criminality

You seem to object to "prohibition" .... but what if this is what is required to protect our Children & fellow-Citizens from the curse of Cannabis

How many innocent people have to be murdered by cannabis-induced psychotics for you to reconsider your position

Yr obedt servt etc


At 3:20 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

M. Eagle:

You may be moralistic, but I would let no-one call you a moron.

My condolences on your loss. I don't know what else to say but that our hearts are with you. And any support we can offer is yours.

If I may take gentle issue with your comment: How would it look if we removed the word "cannabis" and substituted the word "alcohol"?

It would seem rather silly, I think. Yet in 1923 that was exactly the sort of rhetoric that was raised to encourage the prohibition of alcohol.

I have more, but it can wait for another post.

At 12:11 p.m., Blogger spocko said...


Metro. Drop me a line. Thanks.
spockosemail at

At 1:20 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, pot is like tobacco. It affects those who aren't partaking as much as it affects those who are. The reason I don't want marijuana legalized is because I'm already sick of inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke when I'm out running or walking the dogs in the park. I certainly don't want pot-smokers hanging out at the entrances to buildings and smoking up in sidewalk cafes. Unless people drink and drive, I'm pretty much unaffected by the effects of someone else's glass of wine or bottle of beer.


At 1:43 a.m., Blogger mur said...

I believe goat blowing is still a criminal offence too (apart from within a few of the more rustic U.S states).

I agree with G e e, in that chronic use of Cannabis may trigger schizophrenic type behaviour in some people but I also think that a person is predisposed to the condition in the first place, the same being said for an individual possessing a compulsive nature that progresses onto harder drugs.

As I also partook in the odd toke a few moons ago I know first hand that violent tendancies such as you associate with other drugs ( e.g Crystal meth and Alcohol) are not symptomatic of the effects of smoking or injesting Cannabis and the experience for me at least, was the total opposite.

Moral issues aside, I think that the many problems that already accompany the use of legal drugs ie, Tobacco and Alcohol,and the resulting cost to the community and the detrimental effect on families does not warrent the wholesale admission of another problematic vice on the grounds of protecting civil liberties.

At 3:12 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

The British press have been consumed by a whirlwind of hysterical hyperbole about the negative effects of pot lately, and the root source for the articles is, it turns out, a set of government recommendations which does not list scientific studies backing its recommendations.

The fatal effects of the increasing hegemony of Organized Crime over the pot trade are incontrovertible, of course. It's not Ma and Pa Hippie anymore, and these people will kill anyone without a second thought.

Surely you must also realize there can be a great deal of difference in an unregulated product in different parts of the world. While pot is well-known for its paranoia and depression inducing side effects, I am not aware of any North American studies that show a causative link to schitzophrenia. It could be your people are just cutting it with something different.

I loathe pot with a passion that will never die. Not only does it reek to high heaven and form possibly the strongest locus of peer pressure towards illegal activities, but it makes people BORING AS HELL. My roomie is a stoner, and I'd just as soon use him for a canoe anchor when he's wasted. Users become diminished as human beings.

But in a world where people are allowed to watch Baywatch, you can't say they don't have that right.

At 5:37 p.m., Anonymous Lydia said...

g eagle - my only consistent prayer for 20 or more years has been "oh God don't let me be murdered!" Some reasons were selfish (snooping through my stuff; checking my bathroom floor (more so now that I have to wear contacts to clean it!) and the indignity). Mainly those that are left behind was my main concern and still is. Same feeling for suicide. Sorry for the loss and ongoing repercussions. Your #1 is correct for 14 years and younger. Your #2 is correct as Mur stated (predisposition). Metro aren't you afraid or apprehensive about saying certain things? I keep hearing about bosses and such checking things out. I'm glad you write how you write, just curious how you think on that. RC, I've met BORES both ways while I was both ways! I hardly know you to blanket a statement so Hudson Bay. Diminishingly yours, Lydia

At 8:46 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Lydia, you're so interesting when you're straight that you still have a lot to offer when you're not. And I'm renowned for my ability to offend all at a single stroke, our host no less than anyone.

At 7:46 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Hi RC & Lydia:

I don't worry much about being "dooced" (that being the word for being fired for blogging while employed).

For one thing, that area isn't covered by my contract ... I don't have one.

For another, I remain mostly psuedonymous. Only a few people know my secret identity. Although I've been thinking about starting to wear my "bloggerman" cape and tights around the office on Casual Fridays :-)

Finally, I see this as a free speech issue. There are laws in place should I libel someone or violate confidentiality in any way.

And as far as pot's concerned: I hope my boss sees this post and runs me through the pee-test machine.

And why should he not? Apart from the lack of a contract saying he is permitted to do any such thing.

I'd love to watch the expression on his face when he got the results. He'd be appalled.

At 11:25 a.m., Anonymous Lydia said...

My little "doosed" friend, I don't know where he'll end! What a word. Go for the Joe Neimith (sp?) look for any tightwear please. Is there a gold star symbol on this blog? If so, give it to the Coaster for diplomacy. Never thought I'd say that! The comments all touched on criminality. Would it not just be your run of the mill white turtle-neck type of crime if deregulated? PS Anony, where's that park?

At 7:04 a.m., Blogger owendolmer said...

Dear "Metro"

You quote...
"I'm in no doubt as to whether or not pot's illegal. It is. I'm a responsible, hard-working, taxpaying Canadian citizen. And I'm fond of a toke or two now and again."

If this is a truly "responsible" activity of yours then my "pot-head" friend, you might want to consider not making the mentally irresponsible choice of stating your position with authority.

I along with millions of other Canadians do NOT want people like you fixing our teeth, performing surgeries, piloting our aircraft, constructing our buildings, judging in the court of law or performing any other actions requiring critical mental performance to make the best possible decisions for our country.

You're a "responsible Canadian" citizen while knowingly breaking the law? Not only does your statement ammuse me immensely, It also makes me laugh at your current mental health and it's future deterioration.

Owen Dolmer.


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