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20 August 2007

The Scariest Thing I've Heard in Ages

From the Windsor Star, reporting on "confrontation" between protesters and cops in Montebello, PQ.

The "Three Amigos" summit has been characterized by the usual marginalization of protest that surrounds these things: "Complain all you want, as long as we don't have to pay attention," is the rule of the day. The protesters are allowed a little "Zone of protest" well away from the action, surrounded by wire fence. Just as blacks in Alabama once were allowed to have their own special fountains, lunch counters, and bus seats.

But there is much to protest. These meetings are secret, closed, affairs where the "Amigos" will play little games with the economic and social fabric of our nations. Having seen what Bush is capable of in his own unfortunate ex-republic I'm thinking Canadians and Mexicans have a right to be very, very, alarmed.

But Harper doesn't give a crap:
As Bush was walking towards him, Harper was asked by a reporter what he thought of the protesters. "I've heard it's nothing. It's sad," he said.

Of course it's nothing. They're just ordinary people. Not like him or George.

But the truly frightening thing is the official statements:

Much of the discussion between the leaders will be bureaucratic in nature, said a government official last week. "A lot of it isn't very interesting," the official said.

That is: "Keep moving, nothing to see. We'll tell you what to think once we've finished. You shouldn't be interested in what we're doing here."

The most secretive, power-hungry, PM in Canada's history goes into closed-door discussions with the worst US president in history and I'm not supposed to pay any attention whatsoever.


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