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22 July 2007

What Do You Call ...

Okay, so your wife's mum is your mother-in-law.
Your wife's sister is your sister in law.

What would you call the father of your sister's husband? Seems to me he's as much father-in-law as your wife's mother.

Whatever you'd call him, mine's dying of cancer. He had it for a couple of years and they fought it with chemo. Everyone seemed to think he was in remission. They will not give him chemo again. Today they sent him to a hospice in Montreal. My sister and her husband flew out on the redeye eastbound tonight.

If you're praying people, spare a thought for him tonight. If not, perhaps all that's left to wish for him is safe passage and a speedy one. I don't know what to wish for his son and my sister.


At 3:19 p.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Mes tres chers Metro et Mme Metro la mervaillaise (or rather la marvellissima)


For all mine guile Und arrogance, je suis totallement a un Loss de quel to say in Englisch or Norman-French ... or in (almost) Germanisch

Das geDammen und das geBlasten

J'espere que c'est un confort (however petit) que nous et si many des vestres many amis sympathise in le vestre predicament

Is there anything we can do to help

You are requested and required to let us know ... now or in the coming months

Alles gute und
tot siens

Je reste le servant obedient de la Mme Metro


L'Aigle Gris

At 5:42 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Merci, mon cher M. Aigle Grie.

Part of the difficulty in the whole situation is that I don't know the gentleman well, having met him only a few times. Yet he is part of my extended family, and of course the knock-on effect is considerable.

Mme and I really appreciate your support and good wishes at this time. They are the most useful and beneficial things we, and he, could have been offered.

At 4:35 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

I hope that at least his cancer is not painful. Sometimes the tumours, they let you go somewhat gracefully.

Naturally, he has my best wishes as well for a peaceful and loving lifetime, whatever is given to him, and a quiet and painless passage when the time comes.

At 3:33 p.m., Anonymous bagel of everything said...

"What would you call the father of your sister's husband? Seems to me he's as much father-in-law as your wife's mother."

If he's hot, I'd call him fair-game.

Oh, and sorry for your impending loss :(


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