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23 July 2007

Quote O' The Day

"Don't get me wrong, you do get some nuts up here."

--Mike Molesworth

This, from a guy living in a concrete bunker in Idaho.
The "Survivalist Home," as advertised in north central Idaho newspapers, was built in 1998 on 21/2 acres and designed as a haven from nuclear fallout and roving bands of outlaws.


"You won't find another one like this up here."

Now here's where it gets really weird. First off, the guy was Catholic, at least at one time. Catholics aren't apocolyptic survivalists as a rule. We know we have it coming to us, and theoretically we'll be glad to go. Why would you want to hang around for the 7-year Tribulation when the altrnative is heaven?

But wait a minute:
He keeps 3 1/2 years worth of propane, food and supplies.

While the Bible warns of seven years of tribulation, only half that time will require self-sufficiency, he explained.

"The Bible says in the last 3 1/2 years, you won't be able to buy or sell anything."

So for the first 3 1/2, he figures Wal-Mart will be much the same, only the greeters will be armed?

Of course, the real reason for selling this extirpated construction is a little slower in emerging ...
After some prodding, Molesworth admitted that he got cross-wise with the Internal Revenue Service a few years back and ended up with a felony. Now, he can't legally have a firearm and that doesn't sit well.

"I'm leaving the country."

Or maybe not. He's also trying to dig up money to look after his aging mum. And the copy seems to read as if he's getting a bit tired of waiting for the promised Apocalypse.
"I've just been sitting here waiting to die, waiting for the bomb to hit," Molesworth said. "I'm going to go start doing something."

Thanks, Mr. Molesworth--you already did something to make your whole doomsday scenario possible when you voted the Bush-Cheney ticket the second time.

Thanks to Mon General, J.C. Christian.


At 3:31 p.m., Anonymous bagel of everything said...

Sam Walton is the antichrist.

You know those little smileface stickers they give to kids? It's totally the mark of the beast.

(and don't bother telling me ol' sammy boy is dead. He's biding his time)

Also, their Sam's choice diet cola is delicious.


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