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25 July 2007

Internal Investigation: Blogger Interviews Blogger

Another meme floating around the blogonets is the "interview me" meme. Here's my interview, grace of Azahar. It's long, so I'll be posting it in sections. If you don't find it interesting, why not go visit her blog?

1. What is the most important 'crossroads' decision you've ever made? Did you choose well or do you find yourself wondering 'what if...' ?

The single most important decision of my life was returning to school. I flunked electronics engineering through an inability to absorb the math quickly enough. At that point I had several choices. At roughly $20 per hour the garbage/recycling career I spent summer 2001 on was looking pretty good. I had little savings and was already living in my parents' basement--at 31!

For reasons I'll explore below I applied to another school to study written communication. It is from that single choice that all good things in my life have followed: my new career, my move to the new hometown, even meeting my wife and getting married all had their genesis in that act.

It possibly the only decision in my life about which I never wonder where a better choice would have taken me.


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