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04 July 2007

Happy Independence Day

As the United States groans under the yoke of oppressors worse than any which existed in 1776, I salute the brave souls who are out there fighting them.

The bloggers too numerous to name, but including Spocko, General JC Christian and his Inner Frenchman, the Firedoglakers, Digby, Cliff Schecter, and so many other ordinary Americans, appalled at the theft of their birthright.

The broadcasters and reporters who put up with the demonization and death threats from Bush supporters in order to report and comment on the news both accurately and fairly.

The brave ordinary citizens who will not be cowed, who say "This president is wrong," without consideration of the consequences, to the people who are so blind or fearful, who have been so manipulated by this corrupt and dishonest gang of criminals that they would follow them into hell itself, and indeed will, unless steps are taken.

Here at Metroblog we will celebrate the right to free speech. If you believe in the Republic, if you love any democratic society foreign or domestic, then for the love of whatever you hold dear, watch these ten minutes of video.

Impeachment is the least that should be done. In fact, were I a less democratic, less compassionate, more Bush & Cheney-esque sort of person, I might wish for a competent assassin.

But I'm not. To do so would violate my belief in the mechanisms of civil society, and the democracy that supports it.

So I wish for a competent prosecutor, and for the rediscovery of the Democratic leadership's fortitude.

God save America.


At 4:35 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

An American friend of mine sent me a button that reads ITMFA -- for "Impeach The Mother£µ©λer Already". But if the majority of Americans get their news from FOX or NBC, they're seeing only a censored version of the news. It's beautifully illustrated here.

At 5:47 p.m., Blogger Mr. said...

First. Thanks for your excellent comments over at Spocko's Brain. You really have helped me deal with the concern trolls. I'm so glad you have responded to them.

Second: I'm glad you said that you don't want to go the violent route. That is what the crazy right does. They love their guns. We will use the power of our words and laws. Justice will win. In time. We are still a nation of laws. For now.

At 6:01 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

ITMFA is actually from Dan Savage's Savage Love column. It's a derivative of the DTMFA (Dump the ...), which is often his advice to people wronged in love or sex.

So glad you stopped in. I apologize, as the owner of the blog it's your prerogative to chop the nuts off the concern trolls and display them proudly in your thread, but "jim" and Mr. 4-letters got my goat. Not even My Pet Goat, either.

At 9:29 p.m., Blogger Mr. said...

Actually Metro, I'm VERY glad you did that with the trolls. I HATE doing that stuff. I did it early in the days of my blog and I was so very pleased that you stepped in.
If after my KSFO experience I had wanted to play that game on my blog with all the Melanie Morgan fans I could have, but it just is tiring after awhile. They were all upset that I didn't let them spew without moderation. "He won't let us comment and here he is a big free speech advocate!!!" Idiots.

It's funny, Jim sometimes makes sense and forces me to consider my points, but other times he just wants to yank the chain of whomever is available.

I was thinking about how sometimes real live liberals have to drag out their Devil's Avocado routine for me. I don't really need to hear it, but it is instructive to see what I have to convince THEM of some point. Some don't even realize it but they are reflexively responding to the right wing hate radio talking points at times.
I heard one the other day talking about how she thinks that politically correct speech had gone too far, It's this "I'll bash the liberals first" attitude. And I said, "Wait. Please define what you consider Politically Correct speech" vs. what is actually hateful speech that we can all agree upon. The right has turned the whole phrase into an excuse for them to bring out their inner Archie Bunker."


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