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08 June 2007

Spock Captured!


The CBC reports today that a man in Vancouver has been found to bleed green. Not only that, but the government has been concealing this information from us for at least nearly two years!

As surgical staff prepared the man for the middle-of-the-night emergency operation, Flexman and a colleague attempted to insert a line into a wrist artery.

Arterial lines are used to monitor blood pressure during an operation; any blood that flows when the line is inserted into the artery should be vivid red, the sign it has been oxygenated in the heart. But in this case, which occurred in October 2005, it was not.

"During insertion, we normally see arterial blood come out. That's how we know we're in the right place. And normally that blood is bright red, as you would expect in an artery," Flexman said in an interview Thursday.

"But in his case, the blood kept coming back as dark green instead of bright red."

"It was sort of a green-black. ... Like an avocado skin maybe."

The reaction in the room? "We were very concerned, obviously,"

Forget the so-called "terror threat". They live!

As for me, I'm doing better today. Still stung, disappointed, etc. But starting to crest out of the trough. Helped along by being able to spew it all out into cyberspace, and by the poker tournament I played last night, which to my utter astoundishment I won.


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