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12 June 2007

Post # 701: Mur's Meme

Okay, Some Meme Stuff

I have three memes I keep promising to catch up on. First there's the Blogs-that-make-me-think Meme, from Mur. Which I'm really crummy for not having completed YET.

  • BoingBoing: Makes me think of the future, and of Orwell sometimes.

  • Waiter Rant: Makes me think of the millions of people doing thankless jobs for $#!7 wages everywhere, some of them because they actually like to.

  • Omnibrain: Whose recent post on laughing rats may be forcing me to reconsider my definition of "sentient"

  • The Pump Handle: Which makes me realize that without goodwill, regulation is next to useless.

  • Cliff Schecter, just lately. It's all political.

  • There are many, many others. But I only needed five for the meme.


    At 8:33 a.m., Anonymous PJ said...

    Erm, the link for the Pump Handle just goes to your blog...

    At 8:48 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

    Thanks for the catch--fixed it.


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