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14 June 2007

Hinterland Ha-Hah! The Raincoaster

The Raincoaster is a tiny, moist creature dwelling in the coastal swamps of her apartment.

Unusually aggressive, easily provoked, and notoriously thin-skinned after moulding (no, we meant "moulding"), the creature is not so much threatened as threatening.

Nonetheless, in presence of alcohol it has been seen to become engaging, loquacious, even coherent on occasion.

It's mating behaviour is, FSM be praised, unknown to science, save possibly to some of our colleagues in the medical field who are known to be into that sort of thing.

The Raincoaster has a birthday. This year it is claiming to be 39, yet again.

So here is a present. The Raincoaster must not say I never gave it anything.

Ah! Ah! The horrible whining ... the whiy-hi-hi-hi-ning! Here is another, stolen from Laughing Squid.

Oh alright, one more, but you'll ruin your appetite for dinner, and it's loverly sperm whale today--your favourite.


At 11:43 a.m., Anonymous Philipa said...

Oops, did I miss it? Cripes! Oh well I've got a good excuse that raincoaster probably thinks is the mumbling of a once blogging wimp but there ya go. You don't argue with tentacles. In fact I once danced the festival away to the Osric Tentacles, but that's another story....

Hope Raincoaster had a good one!

At 12:28 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I have no idea how her birthday went: she failed to pick up her presents.

Not that I feel rejected or anything, after she was being all mushy over FFE. Not at all.


At 8:17 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

My birthday hasn't gone anywhere; it's July 10th, just like last year. But the party is the 14th, so everyone can sleep off the hangovers.

And DOOD, I'm so far behind in myblog reading you wouldn't believe it. Not that you've updated in ages anyway.

Thanks for the pressies. Cthulhu and his acolyte are pleased.


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