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21 June 2007

And ... Cue the War Drums

New truthiness, just as we've come to expect from Bushco:
"The Iranian involvement here [in Iraq] we have found to be much, much more significant than we thought before. They have since about the summer of 2004 played a very, very important role in training in Iran, funding, arming."
General Petraeus quoted by Yahoo! News, italics mine.

Significant enough to warrant going to the UN Security council and ignoring their failure to endorse another pet war?

In the news tomorrow:
Other Shoe Drops
War In Iran
Troops will be welcomed with open arms, find the WMDs, Bin Laden, Elvis, says Bushco

The trouble is, we know Iran likes to meddle in the region. But we have been lied to so often and so long by this pack of mangy curs that it's impossible to distill truth from the usual bile they spew.


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