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16 May 2007

St. Jerry?

Already people are starting to eulogize Jerry Falwell. I've heard him described as, among other things "a warm and wonderful human being." I just see another conservative cult getting started a la Ronald Reagan.

They say one should not speak ill of the dead. You are, after all, going to be in the very same situation yourself. Although I hope in my case there are more naked cheerleaders involved.

So instead I'll let the dead put you in the frame himself. Here's a couple of quotes from the Fuhrer of the Moral Majority:

"The idea that religion and politics don't mix was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country."
-- Rev. Jerry Falwell

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say 'You helped this happen'."
--Rev. Jerry Falwell, on the World Trade Center attacks.

"AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals."
--Rev. Jerry Falwell

No word yet on why his just and loving God killed him, but he must have done something truly evil, huh?


At 7:28 a.m., Anonymous PJ said...

He was a bloated racist, a hate-spewing misogynist, someone who loathed every other human unless they were white, American, male and heterosexual. He was an ignorant bigoted evil son of a bitch. Too bad I don't believe in Hell-- I'd love to think of him rotting there for eternity. It is most definitely acceptable to speak ill of the dead -- I don't see anyone calling Hitler "a warm human being who only lived according to his cherished beliefs".

At 8:05 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

METRO "... No word yet on why his just and loving God killed him, but he must have done something truly evil, huh?"

Bonjour PJ

Did Mr F really loath EVERY other human except heterosexual White-American males ? I ask in a spirit of Historical Enquiry

Apprehensive of the 1st Blast of the Trumpet of the Monstrous Regiment of M, FFE & PJ, I would nervously agree with Mr Falwell that Christianity does have political implications which affect "Society" (whatever that is)

My problem (or rather one of my problems) is that I struggle to understand how to behave Christianly in my Politics, as well as my General Conduct

eg the kindly AerChie & the perceptive Monsieur Metro have already had to tick me off for my unFeeling views on the "Minimum Wage" ... but I still worry that they have not explained how we can prevent today's Minimum Wage from resulting in tomorrow's unEmployment

A greater worry is that Power seems to generate arrogance, misjudgement & cold-heartedness ... so unlike the Good Lord himself

Is there any mystery in Mr Falwell's death ?

After all, the puir wee mannie was old (even by this Eagle's standards) & didn't he have heart-problems

... and isn't it part of the Human (& even the Aquilan) condition that we must all die, sooner or later, unless Jesus first returns

I favour (or as Metro might put it "favor") John Donne :

"Every man's death diminishes me"

I have the honour to remain your & PJ's obedient servant
and Alles Gute and without Apologies to John Knox


At 9:17 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I tend to feel similar sentiments. Falwell was one of the foremost architechts of the division of America into the trench warfare of the so-called "culture wars". It has had similar results to the trench warfare of 1914-1918. Ronald Reagan was able to avoid acting on AIDS for years partly because of the lies and hatred spread by Falwell, his allies, and role models.

For the Moral Majority, the "Culture Wars" was an elective conflict, a choice. For their opponents, it remains a defensive struggle to keep the freedoms the US was actually founded on, rather than the twisted legends the MM et al pass on to their young.

@ Meinheer EaGle:

I confess, the first thing in my head was the Donne quote.

And yet I find it hard to find how the world is diminished by Falwell's absence.

It's a horrible thing to think about anyone, which is why I posted only quotes from the horse's mouth.

As a former Christian and current human, I feel the "Love thy neighbour as thyself" quote speaks best to how a Christian should behave towards others.

Falwell rejected this approach. One cannot fathom the mind of God, perhaps, but religion particularly is in the business of making shrewd guesses:

What could God think of someone who spurned the single most important teaching in the Bible and instead lived his life by a twisted interpretation of Leviticus?

As to the last sentence, Falwell believed in retribution--it's evident throughout his public life.

Since Pat Robertson, another devoted labourer in the vineyards of the Lord, is over 80 (thanks to his age-defying shake, apparently), one can only assume that Falwell was plucked before his time.

Of course they also say that only the good die young. Which suggests that Robertson could be around awhile longer.

At 1:49 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Hey--pass on this internet rumour, maybe it'll turn up on

The two paramedics who responded at Falwell's home were gay!

At 3:51 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

No, Monsieur EaGle, he never said he hated everyone except his male woman-hating gay-bashing cronies, but he didn't have to. He made it apparent. He'd've brought back burning at the stake for pagans if he could have.

One thing I meant to mention... it always makes me smile to see homophobic fundamentalists talking about AIDS as a smiting against homosexuals from their vengeful god. There's one group of humans among whom AIDS isn't found at all: lesbians. I wonder why they never consider that?

At 7:29 p.m., Anonymous archie said...

He was an unmitigated bigot!

While I also consider John Donne's words to be universally applicable, American Evangelists are the exception who prove the rule.

At 8:35 p.m., Anonymous Stiletto said...

Hey--pass on this internet rumour, maybe it'll turn up on

The two paramedics who responded at Falwell's home were gay!


True, true. His death doesn't even give me pause for thought. Just another dumb ignorant racist white guy.

At 9:59 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

You said it, man. The guy was an ass living back in the dark ages. Good riddance.


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