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22 May 2007

The Next Damn lolthing

Okay, so we've had lolcats, bats, rats, giraffes, grbls, gays, lolephants, walruses and, FSM help us, lolgoths.

So what could possibly be next? Well O Avid Fans, lollow me to present:


Props to Former Frontier Editor, whose posting of rockin' tune Elvis is Everywhere provided a certain amount of inspiration.

If you happen to have any lolvis sightings stowed away on your hard drive somewhere, send them to metro61 AT gmail DOT com, and let the world know you saw him.


At 12:43 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

You should check out Slate. They just did a lolroundup, and yours truly complained most vociferously about being left out.

But no way that guy is Elvis. It's Christian Slater in makeup!


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