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04 May 2007

The National Post's journalism is usually of a high calibre, even though it's opinions are rabidly right.

Nonetheless, the paper is unusually honest, given its bent. Today Andrew Coyne shreds the arguments offered by the Harper government regarding it's "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding torture of those the Canadian Forces captures in Afghanistan.
But let me be perfectly clear: We don't need the Afghans to tell us what's going on. We have just signed an agreement, allowing us visitation rights whenever we want on alternate Sundays.

That is to say, we are in the process of negotiating such an agreement. That is to say, the Liberals already had an agreement: Blame them if it's not working. Or rather, we don't need an agreement: We already have all the access we could ever want.

Not that we even need access, you understand. We have no evidence that any torture is going on in any jail in Afghanistan. That is to say, we are unaware of any reports to that effect, other than the one our own Foreign Affairs officials prepared for us, whose existence we officially deny. Oh, and one by Human Rights Watch. Also Amnesty International.
But really, you should go read the original.

This business is starting to look less like the Canadian answer to Abu Ghraib (though it should at least convince the Bushies we're not "soft on people who may not be guilty of anything"), and more like the flock-of-chickens display the Republicans are putting on around the Gonzales attorney firings.

By the way: found any of those "lost" e-mails yet, you bunch of scumbuckets?


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